1. Hawk Woodworking – Shop Build Part 1

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This is the start of my shop build. I have been wanting to build my last workshop, the one I will use until I can’t anymore. We found 10 acres wit ha 40X60 barn and a house that needs some work. We closed that deal yesterday and got into the property today. This is the video of what I found and the first day of the shop build.

Music: The Tip of the Iceberg – Owl City


Randy Taylor says:

Dude between the mower, tank,shelving and those curtains are worth about 10k. What's a 100 dollar dumpster rental. Or better yet 25 dollar dump run. That's a nice shop! I'm jealous!!

The Recon Prepper says:

wow thats a big place looks like a morton metal barn. I would love a place that large to work in. Mine will be just a little larger than a two car garage. As far leaving you a bunch of stuff I can see uses for lots of it. LOL 🙂

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