1087. My Favorite Woodworking Clamps – Bessey Rapid Action Clamps

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Whether you are woodworking or metal working Bessey Rapid Action Clamps are the best way to quickly and securely clamp your work. These German made clamps are brilliantly designed. I have used them for years and actuated some of my clamps 10’s of thousands of time and they still work like new.

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Don K says:

Alan, got 2 of the big one from you a couple years ago……I have never seen a better made clamp anywhere…..these are the best clamps in my opinion…..had never heard of them before your recommendation…..thanks bud !

Fried Mule says:

Great advice I do ow some, maybe you should tell people how hard they can clamp, they properly have the hardest clamping force in the world (up to 1,800 lbs)!

Donny Parker says:

I have owned 4 of the LC8 clamps for a few years and use them whenever I can. They are my favorite clamps. They show no visible signs of wear, but lately I've noticed that a few of them lose their grip after being left under tension for a few minutes. Has anyone else had to deal with this problem?

Gregory Hines says:

Just for comparisons sake, your website is $8 cheaper than Amazon.com on the LC8 clamps, and about $5 cheaper for the LC12s.

Harvey Smith says:

Thank you Allan, you did a video with these a few years ago and I bought a pair on your recommendation. Really, really good. My favourite clamps now. Ignore the price guys, these aren't going to be worn out by your great grandchildren let alone you.

Anatoliy Evguschenko says:

I've got 10 of these previously used for welding. They are great!

EDC with Aaron says:

Do they leave marks on softer wood types? It looked like they just have the raw steel pads

MakeFix says:

They make a nice addictive cranking sound too…
I have just one for now (thanks to your recommendation) and will buy more some day when my projects accelerate. It is my go to for now.
Thanks for the inspiration…
Keep on trucking (from France) !

Eli Colner says:

gotta love German engineering. my mechanic was complaining about my O2 sensor and how invisibly it fails on my car and I had to remind him that there are over 50 computers that make the thing run and they all need to talk to each other…. no small feat

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