2 Car Garage Woodworking shop Tour

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Here is a tour and layout of my 2 car garage woodshop. I go over my woodworking equipment, what i like, don’t like and what I want to upgrade to in the future.
I have been trying to keep my videos around the 10 minute mark but this one went a little long so if you are only interested in one or a couple tools here is a list of when I talk about them during the video so you can jump to that section. Thanks for Watching!

Table Saw, 1 min
Dust collection, 1:23
Drum sander, 2:04
Planer/sander, 2:57
Tool Chest/Hand tools, 4:17
Lathe, 5:50
Tool Box, 6:41
Band Saw, 7:36
Router Table, 10:30
Miter Saw, 12:00
Jointer, 12:55
WorkBench, 16:35


CCS and Sons Workshop says:

Awesome shop! Thanks for the tour!

Bob Amarant says:

Very nice shop and video. I highly recommend a 1/2" x 2' x 2' interlocking padded floor. Keeps your feet much more comfortable than concrete.

Make It says:

Awesome Shop man! I'll be looking forward to your sharpening station video as I am in need of one myself πŸ™‚

the tinywoodworkshop says:

Great shop, absolutely agree the work on the video seems sometimes harder than making stuff, don't worry your videos are already well done!

Tomas Everard says:

Came here from Reddit, nice shop dude and good video, well done

Sumo's Projects says:

G’day mate, very insightful look at your shop & they evolve as we do with our skills & living requirements, go the 10” Jointer if you can πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ ps I’m going to do a Shop Update soon & if you don’t mind I’ll give you a shoutout πŸ‘

Huntsmen Woodworks says:

Time to put that Benchcrafted hardware to use!

Built By Chris says:

Great work space. Wish I had that much room.

angelo livolsi says:


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