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Save money equipping your shop. Pipe clamps are needed by all woodworkers. Save a buck with my tips.
Needed a few bar clamps for an upcoming build i’m working on. My philosophy is why buy a tool if I can build it? So I came up with these. Enjoy! And thank you for [More]
Wood bar clamps homemade. New approach with grooves in the back side.
Woodworking tip # 1 – Save Money on Pipe Clamps 3/4″ Irwin Pipe Clamp – 1/2″ Irwin Pipe Clamp – Pipe clamps are not only very versatile and very strong, they are also [More]
Build bar clamps out of cheep wood. Not the best but work in a pinch – How To Make Money Woodworking From Home – Here’s my experience with this personally and what I’ve found when it comes to building a income from home. I wanted to put this video [More]
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Watch more Learn Woodworking videos: Box joint is second only to dovetails, in terms of the amount of glue area you get. And it’s great for, that makes it great for drawers or anything [More]
Maker 101 is geared towards people who are just getting started in making and DIY. These videos are meant to give you a high level overview of tools and techniques to help you get started [More]
Let the fun begin! I have a fire extinguisher at the ready 😀 Screws 101: Screwdrivers 101: Wikipedia defines a rabbet as: a recess or groove cut into the edge of a piece [More]
How to make table legs with stretchers using dowel joinery, Festool Domino and pocket holes. Subscribe for weekly woodworking projects: Details, photos and plans for this woodworking project: TOOLS / SUPPLIES (Affiliate) Lift-up [More]
In modern times, the complex cuts necessary to create these joints have simply become too expensive to warrant to their use in standard architecture. But with the rise of CNC milling and 3D-printing fabrication techniques, [More]
Joshua Farnsworth talks about how to choose a block plane for traditional woodworking. The below link leads to his list of the basic set of hand tools that you’ll need when getting started in traditional [More]
Joshua Farnsworth talks about how to choose sharpening supplies for traditional woodworking, such as grinders, sharpening stones, etc. The below link leads to his list of the basic set of hand tools that you’ll need [More]
Want to level up your Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Clothing, or Provisioning skills FAST? Then this is the video for you! We will go through every detail on how i got to be a level 31 Tailor [More]
Stolarskie Projekty : Świecący w nocy stół z żywic epoksydowych , Ozdobne Jabłko oraz wykonanie ławki . Podziękowania dla wszystkich oraz linki do stron z oryginalnymi filmami : Виктор EX channel : video [More]
Okay check this out, recently i went on the internet to find some woodworking plans because it was my brother’s birthday. And I found Ted’ and i’m so amazed by this website and the product [More]
Original post on our site with additional information, plans, questions & comments: The Wood Whisperer is education. This is a video to encourage people interested in woodworking to go ahead and get started in the [More]
In this video we give the basic best practices for using a table saw for beginners and people new to woodworking. We also review table saw safety and give you some table table saw tips. [More]
In this video I review how to choose the Best Table Saw Blade for your woodworking projects. In most workshops the table saw is the most important woodworking tool so selecting saw blades for the [More]
How to use Google SketchUp for Woodworking – Intro Visit for more info This is Video #1 of this series In this video I cover the absolute basics and show you where to find [More]
Woodworking tips, learn how-to make metal inlay using solder and a soldering iron, I used the Inventables X Carve CNC to carve Superman’s logo you can also use hand tools or a Dremel tool to [More]
Special guest this week! Alex Harris (The Teen Woodworker) and I teamed up to present you with some of our favorite woodworking tips and tricks. Make sure you visit Alex’s channel at and subscribe [More]
This is a short video of the process of hiding a screw. This can be very helpful for projects where we do not want screws to be visible. An easy and cheap to make woodworking [More]
How to build a Cross-cut Sled for your table saw. It’s easy, dependable strong and accurate! This construction method is overall the best design for both novices and experienced woodworker.
In this video I show you how to set setup a drill press and the basic use of a drill press. The drill press could be considered one of the most versatile tools int he [More]
If you want to get started with fine woodworking, I present a core set of tools and talk about what matters and why. The important thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot [More]
The essential tools you need to get stated building projects and DIY furniture.