2018 Woodworking Shop Tour – MS Wood Custom Woodwork

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This is the 2018 Woodworking Shop Tour from Matt Sarre and his MS Custom Woodwork Business headquarters.
Matt is a Bespoke furniture Designer and Creator based in Adelaide, South Australia and this is his Shop Tour.
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Cheers Sumo.


Kamikaze Viking says:

Great video and Great workshop setup. So many ideas to make my space work better. It was great meeting Matt at the markets as one of the first woodworkers I met when I started down this path.

Casual DIY says:

Cool video, thanks for sharing 🙂

Jake Thompson says:

Awesome video Sumo.. Thanks for sharing that with us. It’s always exciting to visit someone else’s shop!!

Kuffys Woodwork says:

I follow Matt on Instagram. That little shop sure does pack a punch with the quality.

Dave XB says:

Thanks for the tour. It's always interesting to see other guys sheds.

DIYForKnuckleheads says:

Nice one Dirk and well done Matt…like the shop mate, especially the router attachment on the table saw….l might have to have a crack at doing that. Cheers guys👍👍

rosscoesmiff says:

It's good to see how other woodworkers shops. My shop is a bit disorganised and has lots of 'collectables ' ( the Trouble and Strife calls it junk) but I know exactly where stuff is, well sort of. I checked out Matt's web page and he certainly has some very high quality items there. His workshop has stirred up some ideas for me to help de-clutter.Thanks to Matt and you for this video. BTW, I used to travel over 700km round trip when I fixed up powerlines in outlying areas. Suggestion, go on more road trips like this. Cheers

MG Makes says:

Nice, it's great to see other people's workshop. 👊👊

Clean Phil Wanted says:

I like it! A lot of good ideas for a smaller space.
I really like the router insert. I've seen a number of them but that smaller version gave me a number of ideas!

Thom spillane says:

He’s is a incredible craftsman and it shows in his work. Thank you for sharing and thank you Matt for a shop tour.

kennyearrings1 says:

Looks like he has a pretty sweet setup there in his shop. A lot of mobile setups which is especially important in a small shop. Great show this week sir. It's always nice to meet up with other woodworkers.

One Man Band Woodworks says:

Great video mate, if you ever want to visit Sydney let me know… I think my shop could be even smaller.

Build Stuff with AJ says:

Great video, it me always nice to see another shop tour. Of give a me ideas on how to reorganize my shop

Built By Chris says:

Great video mate, as usual.

Tracy Keaton says:

That must have been so fun! Thank you for sharing with us your trip there! Many blessings to you and both of your channels!

Bill Carroll says:

I love that this woodworking community showcases other workers shops and talent, no hogging the limelight here.
Great shop set up, small but highly functional and productive👍

Twisted Boards says:

Great video, great camera and editing. He does some awesome work! The hall table and trestle table are beautiful pieces and the cello stand!

Wacky Wood Works says:

nice wshop tour …small shop phffffffft he hasn't seen my shop lol

Bob Lee's Woodshop says:

Dirk Thanks For sharing, very cool! I myself like to visit other woodworking shops! Regards BobLee I did stop by his channel too!!

MS64 Trickshots says:

This is a great video Dirk, it was a pleasure meeting you!👍

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