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You have to see these stunning wood works and woodworking projects!

These masters of wood turning, wood carving and woodworking are amazing! This is pure art!

A wooden cedar strip canoe, carving a bowl, a wooden pipe, handmade furniture, and other satisfying work with wood! You’ll definitely be satisfied by the end of the video!


0:01 – Building A Cedar Strip Canoe;
2:01 – Satisfying Wood Turning;
3:32 – Epoxy Resin Coffee Tables;
5:34 – Making Floating Coffee Table;
7:03 – Making A Wooden Pipe;
8:37 – Flexible Wooden Stool;
9:35 – Homemade Scissor Lift;
10:26 – ‘Kawai Tsugite’ | Japanese Joinery;
11:28 – Flexible Wood;
12:12 – A Submarine Inspired Wood Door.
12:55 – A Wooden Toilet Paper Stand;
13:19 – A Modern Plywood Bench;
14:19 – A Cat House Made Of Wood;
14:25 – A Wooden Credenza;
15:09 – An Outdoor Furniture;
15:55 – A Plywood Desk;
16:38 – A Wooden Wall Clock;
18:04 – A Midcentury Coffee Table;
19:58 – A Wooden Dining Table;
20:33 – A Modern Bar Stool;
24:20 – How A Carpenter Says ‘I Love You’;
26:34 – Woodturning Olive Emerging Lidded Vessel;
29:07 – A Samurai Workbench Making;
31:29 – A 50$ Farmhouse Table;
33:46 – Live Edge River Table;
34:57 – Building A Bed For A Son.
37:35 – Dad Builds An Epic Swing Set For His Kids;
42:31 – A Creative Magnetic Key Holder;
44:14 – Making A Wooden Bowl.




Slovenian Woodworker


Anatolii TTJ



Adopteunecaisse DIY

Shaun Boyd







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K K says:

That cool spring gadet at 10:00. impressive.

Rune Dyrting says:

You did not make this. So why do you show it?

Walter Silveira says:


Rosita Helena Silveira Pereira says:

Que habilidade, LINDO TRABALHO!!!!

paul lapper says:

Nice work samurai carpenter

farrier ss says:

Brain food. Thanks and keep it up!

Cooma Bulletin Editor says:

Dear George I agree that some time music on these videos is really Crap,However looking at the creative ideas can stimulate your creative mind to do something different So look at the Videos without the sound is a really great way to stimulate tour creative Juices.

Владимир нету says:

на 42 минуте мужик из России, делает разделочные торцевые доски, я у него заказывал

Kaelio Dias says:

This is man.

sniperammow says:

you seem like a copy of be amazed.

Serine Meriemsaadane says:

Vous êtes un génie

João Alberto Vieira says:

Grandes obras de arte, muitos parabéns.

Fatima Tabaja says:

Just watched all without skipping any second or blinking an eye …and its amazing…❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍❤👍❤👍👍

Ardit Ard says:

Best woodworking and projects.
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Abtout Nazim says:

31:30 What a good beauty … and bouty ^^

carlos alberto freire de carvalho Carvalho says:

Parabéns pelo trabalho. Simplesmente fantástico!

Brian Ernste says:

+a guy doing stuff Not sure if you are too concerned, but he's gotten your canoe content….

POdPatriot says:

Wounder what band is playing from about 18:1619:45 ???????

Vlad Tepes says:

9:32 $ emblem of the dollar

benjamin massie says:

did you make that bed for  Mc puss?

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