4 Ways to Make a Spring Loaded Pocket Business Card Holder

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Making four simple wooden business card holders. Each using a different woodworking method. Power tools, CNC, laser and 3D printing.

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Walnut from Kencraft:

Ultimaker 3D Printer and Filament from Matterhackers:

Large Bandsaw: //amzn.to/2yud6uK
Yellow Paddles: //amzn.to/2KMTWYd
Drum Sander: //amzn.to/2s9XoUq
Yellow Tablesaw Push Things: //amzn.to/2baMqbV
Jointer: //amzn.to/2IJyRRh
Drill Press: //amzn.to/2INfx1g
Dremel: //amzn.to/2LsA10Z
CNC: //www.inventables.com/technologies/x-carve
Laser Cutter: //glowforge.us/fycBT8
Disc Sander: //amzn.to/2KxBeD0
Screw Clamp: //amzn.to/2GtCKUb
F-style Clamp: //amzn.to/2Iu20M9
SawStop Table Saw: //amzn.to/2E89suw
Glue Bottle: //amzn.to/2llUbhe
Random Orbit Sander: //amzn.to/2aXutIU

Walnut File Cabinet Build: //youtu.be/D7JfF6DM_oA
Picture Framing Sled: //youtu.be/r6fUXRMJ0DI
Dry Erase Magnetic Wall: //youtu.be/mVneI_tTXAQ

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Matthew Tucker says:

It's a really cool video, I just don't know how useful it is since most people don't have access to 15 grand worth of tools to repeat it

Dennis Haswell says:

Spring steel from an old clock mainspring.

John Made it says:

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John Made it says:

I made a similar thing.But it dispensed stickers and was meant to be attached to my backpack. but i messed it up a bit because i was in a rush and was trying to get it done in time for makers central. but it sort of worked. version 2 will be better. I used tie wraps/cable ties/zip ties (call them what you want) to act as a spring (very flexible,very thin and easy to shape) they would push on a bit of wood inside that would push the stickers to the front so they could be taken out. its here on my Instagram feed if interested //www.instagram.com/p/BiP_Es4gL9S/?taken-by=johnmadeitcom

Luke InCyberspace says:

Great video. As for spring ideas, you could use the metal strip from a windshield wiper, or break off a clip from an old pen.

3D Printing Nerd says:

I loved how you replicated the design across different maker styles, different tools

Stephen Auchmuty says:

Switched my site over to SquareSpace! Still hammering out the domain transfer and some server issues apparently, but I used your promo code!


Hoping to see you at the Kencraft Meetup!

Rodo Calderon says:

I saw that you have a Rikon Jointer i would love to se a review on it.

JusBidniss says:

3 spring ideas: First: A bit of actual spring steel from an old wind-up egg timer or alarm clock. B: A sliver of bamboo, either cut from the actual curve of the tube-shape of the wood and sanded thin, or for long-grain, a thin sliver that you steam-bend (hey, thicker bamboo holds a steam-bent shape in a backscratcher, so should work for a sliver). Three: A bit of clear plastic, cut from the curve of a bottle of hand soap, clear-plastic canister of Twizzlers, bubble-card plastic, etc.

Christopher Leyburn says:

Nice video, never would have thought of a hose clamp as a spring, putting that in the brain vault for later.

Mkayvi says:

Could sand/grind down the aluminum strap to make it more flexible. I like the look of the hose clamp though. Rugged like someone else said. Would just need to keep a sacrificial card in the back because im sure it would get chewed up over time. Or maybe put a piece of packing tape over it. Great job on all 4 methods!

Sanjay Patel says:

Love this style of video! #nastyassrake

Make With Miles says:

Awesome! I really need a business card holder and this is a perfect idea. It was nice meeting you at maker faire!

Mandy Trosky says:

I love that you show there’s many ways to get the same result. Doesn’t mean ones wrong, just different. I come across this in construction ALL the time! This has been added to my to do list. Another great video

Michael Noeth says:

What? No STL?

WayofWood says:

Cool project. For the 3D printed version you could have printed the spring as well.

Vaughan Chapman says:

Cool video! How did you learn Fusion360?

rob121212blue says:

What is your website to purchase things off?

PhunKiss Artistic Creations says:

Do Dads! LOL!

Danellyn L says:

Instead of a lid you could always make another one that this one slides into.

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