5 Amazing WoodWorking Tools You MUST Have

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0:10 Knuckle Clamp – //www.woodpeck.com/knuckleclamp.html
1:48 Polygauge SS – //www.woodpeck.com/polygauge-ss.html
4:49 Turbo Plane – //www.amazon.com/Arbortech-IND-FG-400-Turbo-Plane/dp/B008NA2IJ0
5:27 DSF + Gap Gauges – //www.woodpeck.com/dado_setup_fixture.html
7:40 Dust Right Lathe – //www.amazon.com/Dust-Right-Lathe-Collection-System/dp/B01JGERUSK

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willian arguello says:

sigo preguntando me, cuándo las veré aquí en Nicaragua

Chyou Qi says:

I loved the Poly-gauge

Mark Young says:

The poly gauge has been around for many years, originally created by Lee Valley Tools of Canada I think. This one does look a lot spiffier, shiny stainless steel is hard to beat for almost any object. However, I hope that this is a collaborative or purchased technology, since no credit was given in the video to Veritas tools or Lee Valley. They are also a great company with excellent email support and product return policy.

john ooko says:

great tool, love it.

FOMI1970 says:

The funny thing is that they make a space science out of simple task .

Consome Deguacuco says:

No. 3 Turbo plane is what i need. Thank you !

Russell Green says:

The knuckle clamp is a joke . Long time wood worker. Any kind of clamp will work.

John Barr says:

So many of these can be replaced by much cheaper and just as useful alternatives. eg digital calipers, digital cubes. Also the gap gauge for measuring dado stacks is the biggest waste of money considering the measured width is never the same as the actual cut. I use digital calipers and get great results. Have you seen the price of the gap gauge?

Chuck Ramsey says:

Both the Polygauge SS and DSF + Gap Gauges are Woodpecker "One-TIme" Tools — meaning they get produced in a single run with limited quantities. The DSF was retired in April of 2017. The Polygauge appears to be available in extremely limited quantities (for a mere $89.99 USD); the Woodpeckers website lists the order deadline as January 30, 2017. Generally, when I see "amazing woodworking tools" that I "must have" I expect them to be available for purchase somewhere.

Laurent D says:

si cela vous intéresse je peux vous faire connaître sur YouTube moyenne en testant vos produits

Golden R says:

Amazing( firs coment)

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