5 Amazing WoodWorking Tools You Should Have On Amazon | DIY Tools | Hand Tools

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5 Amazing WoodWorking Tools You Should Have On Amazon | DIY Tools | Hand Tools | WoodWorking Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed | Amazing New Cool Tools that you must have. These are top 5 Latest Tech & awesome inventions for your next DIY Projects. ✔ WoodWorking Gadgets (UPTO 80% OFF):- //amzn.to/2sDpdIa

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00:04 KREG RIP-CUT //amzn.to/2HqAazY


03:37 KREG DECK JIG //amzn.to/2Ho4paN

06:51 BOSCH PLS 300 SAW STATION //amzn.to/2CrP7OA


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In This Video We are featuring cool,awesome & most Amazing Woodworking Gadgets That You Need To See in 2018. These are must have inventions for 2017.

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mike susman says:

Holy cow lady. Get a mask or DC Cyclone.. MDF is the very worse for toxic dust. Uh, hate to ask but to you smoke also?

flhtcui2 says:

Never hire hacks

Curt says:

You forgot to add the Kreg Crown Molding Jig. I think I own everything Kreg produces.

Andrew Stewart says:

Nailing a deck takes long enough a craig jig deck would take ages and cost more then its worth for lost time vs traditional methods most of this vid are gimmicks for average joes but they usually dont want to spend as much as half of these tools/jigs cost for a once or twice use

Erek Porembski says:

Gimmicky, no PPE, anyone using that Bosch over-engineered nonsense instead of a mitre saw wasted money

Karl Ruehs says:

7:53 Hi cat! 😺

Paul Field says:

Did the guy with the Bosch tools do all that work in a dress shirt and sweater?

EclecticHillbilly says:

In my opinion, using a 6" board on a deck, it's going to need a screw in the center as well as each edge.

P Pellor says:

This is video click-bait

Robert Avery says:

Da …. they never mention that there are cutters available that are the right size for plywood dimensions…


Sponsored by Bosch, I take it. Bosch used to be good, but they are crap now. I know, because I have them! New and old…..

wojtekstach78 says:

there are so many floating floor installation faults shown here…

Ron Verburg says:

dumb clip, and no ear protection. ever heard about tinitus?

Chris B says:

Dust masks you buffoons

emil flognoid says:

The bosch lego kit is actually kinda cool….

emil flognoid says:

8:10 jared kushner?

emil flognoid says:

I like kreg, i own kreg…. but to show wood splitting because of large head screws without predrilling, then show the kreg system, but they predrill into plastic boards with skinny head screws is misleading.

Proxima B says:

That Bosch jigsaw Station thing is truly crap. Complete gimmick.

carforumwanker says:

Sue the company for millions . terrible health risks from cutting MDF type wood like this .

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