5 Coolest WoodWorking Tools 2018 | You Must Have in 2018

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5 Coolest WoodWorking Tools 2018 | You Must Have in 2018


0:03 Goliath CNC – //kck.st/2wv440n
1:07 Kreg Joinery™ System – //amzn.to/2DZembU
3:28 Roofus – //igg.me/at/roofus/x
5:19 WORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 – //amzn.to/2pOrcpp
5:58 Maslow CNC – //bit.ly/2dJqhn3
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Matthew Lavergne says:

I am so sure that you will find good way to make it on woodprix.

Suresh Peshawaria says:

One disadvantage of pocket hole joint is you have to fill up the holes with some filler, sand it down ….

emmitt moore says:

Best tool I ever bought was the Kreg jig. Bought the power jig and haven't looked back.

Gary G says:

Goliath CNC. This is absolutely the best thing that I have seen in a long time. If it was made heavier and had better traction it could engrave in existing structures or on a concrete walkways. It's capability would be unlimited.

Keith Comer says:

Dude $500 dollars plus a router "YOU" own isn't cheap. Have you been to or seen Africa, south America, or most of Asia??????

vdgitaliano says:

The last couple with the CNC machine might want to rethink about putting their Blueprints and schismatic up for free us on the internet. Just because you're putting it up there for everyone to see and use with no strings attached does not mean that someone can't come along and steal the information and patented from under you. Just ask Gene Simmons of Kiss. There was a rock band previously known as kiss and because they did not trademark their name he came and copyright and trademarked it from under them and they were forced to change their name. Additionally they had no right to any of the money that the new Kiss band was making off of the logo and trademark. I'm all for free information and helping this world become a better place through sharing information. It isn't about Greed for me, but it is about playing smart and protecting the information so that it can stay free. They should have copy written and trademarked the information so that they could control and create a free use arena in order for it to be used and shared. Just a thought.

Amir Khan says:

nice cool apps

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