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Доброслав says:


Jeff DelPapa says:

Some issues with your hacks and or techniques.

An angle grinder spins somewhere north of 10,000 rpm. At those speeds, balance is an issue, and wobble is right out. Welding on a nut to an eyeballed center is going to result in a projectile happening fairly soon.

Similarly, drill chucks (unless specifically sourced) aren’t rated for the kind of speeds you are subjecting them to, and that’s without wobble, and without having welded to the heat treated steel of the chuck body. Oh yea, you want to grip a router bit in a collet, not a chuck. Chucks aren’t built for side loads.

Last, don’t wear gloves around rotating machinery. With bare skin, you make contact, you get cut or abraded, and you yank your hand away. Get too close with a glove (and they stick out more than fingers) and they get caught, sucking your fingers in, and keeping you from yanking away. The usual result of that is hamburger, not something that worst case might be re-attachable.

Oh yea, your little planing cutter would be improved by at a minimum, case hardening the mild steel you made it from. Better yet, get some chunks of carbide, and silver solder them onto the faces so you have a durable edge. You could get the pieces from damaged router bits.

Javier Diaz says:

Excelente 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Ignacio Saravia says:

what's the name or type of the welder used in the video??

niyazi ateş says:

Where is video photo grass cutter

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