5 Quick Table Saw Hacks Part 3 / Woodworking Tips and Tricks

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Today we review 5 More DIY Table Saw Life Hacks!
Sometimes we only need temporary adjustments or accessories for making special cuts on the table saw and here are a few ideas for making those cuts without having to make special jigs.

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**** Full Article on these Table Saw Shop Hacks : //goo.gl/j79dCY

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Fabricio Nacul says:

Great video! Regards from Brazil!

Mean's Woodshop says:

The story board is a great tip. I really like the method for cutting repeated thin strips too, I’m always cutting thin strips for a lot of my projects

Imagine then Make says:

I found your channel a while ago and subscribed. Thanks for being a YouTube creator. I appreciate your calm nature and you wanting to explain as much as possible. Feel free to check out my channel and please consider subscribing. thanks

YourOldDog says:

I can see that story board idea in the future with Kreg stamped all over it LOL Pretty slick idea!

Ulf Tornert says:

Great tips yet again, Colin! Only people with a lot of experience can pull so many tricks out their sleeves! Thank you! 👍

pinkeye00 says:

Fantastic dude.

eaglecot says:

Great tips today!! Except the first.. having a loose board under the fence seems dangerous.

Frank Doyle says:

Great ideas, your the best!

Lee Fuller says:

On the Mixing board, write the date and time that the epoxy was mixed.

M S says:

Love these hacks i will use them!

Andrei Gendalf says:

Super! Thanks.

Christoph Schmitt says:

Thanks Colin – Great Hacks! Thanks for sharing! Love your channel

Ludwig4571 says:

hey there where'd you find that tape measure, i really dig the layout from right to left! i just cant find em anywhere thanks

NMranchhand says:

Still batting a thousand on this tips series, Colin! Thanks.

Michael L Mello says:

Some great ideas, thanks!!

Green Kitty says:

I like the story board idea. Thanks for sharing : )

Tim Halcomb says:

Thanks for the great tips keep them coming

Ady Unixmoment says:

superb amazing tips..thanks sir

Becky's Texas Wood Shop says:

Wow, you are exactly right when you say these tips can make my life easier. The things you tell us is just so good Colin! Like I’ve said before I am fairly new to woodworking but the wealth of information I have learned from you is just wonderful. Thanks again so much.

Keith Bryan says:

Have watched and liked many of your videos, but this is over the top.

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