5 Quick Wood Finishing Hacks PART 2 – Woodworking Tips and Tricks

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In this video, we review 5 wood finishing life hacks to help you in the workshop.
In this episode I am showing some ideas in time and money saving when it comes to finishing your woodworking projects, mixing and cleaning paint brushes and even how to tame unruly hinges. We also for great ways to store paint, wood stain, varnish or lacquer.

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Assessor69 says:

I thought that you were going to use the sandpaper holders the same way that I do. I made a similar tool, shaped like a table tennis bat (paddle) with three dowels in it. I use mine, with the sandpaper disc face down, to align with the holes in the bottom of the orbital sander plate, when fitting a fresh disc.

SC Wood Designs says:

Loving this! Thanks so much!

Taz Man says:

I use a plastic I use plastic Carrying Folders in stick my sandpaper in there and then I write on the tabs what grit there then there altogether

lonramsingh says:

hey Colin, i have to admit a cordless drill is really a nifty tool…. couple years ago i did the same thing but not with paint though… i actually creamed butter and sugar to make cakes and to my moms surprise, it turned out great!!!

Alex Clark says:

At 3:00 – is Colin flipping us all the bird??

Harry Davis says:

Thanks, Colin.

Norman Ramsey says:

Great tips!

Colins DIY & MTB Barling says:

Another legend hack video mate it's the name for shore lol

Paul Kolodner says:

Loved the kitchen mixer for mixing paint. My painting discovery of the century is Krud Kutter Brush Wash. I soaked a brush that was loaded with old latex primer for a few days, and it came out like new. Nothing else would get it clean or keep it clean.

G T says:

Awesome sandpaper holders. I have a drawer full of different grit paper. I know my next project, Thanks for sharing Colin

Bill Gross says:

give them as birthday gifts… seriously? lmao

Gina Always a VIP! says:

Thanks Colin great tips as always! My Dad served many years in the military and I always remember his letter tray that was on his desk at work. When it came time for him to retire he took it as a memory from the many years that he spent with it. He then used it to put the large sheets of sandpaper in, organized in each of the spaces. Well, it's mine now and think of my Dad every time I reach for a piece of sandpaper.

CrossWood says:

Just don't lick the frosting…er, paint.

Giuseppe says:

thank you very much … a greeting from Italy

R J Miller says:

Cut tip off a cheap turkey baster, and then use it to transfer stain or finish to another container for use.

Use the screw top food containers, Rubbermaid pack of 3 cost around 3$, instead of Qt paint buckets. They stay clean, make brush tray with the lid, and seal tight with what’s left.

J.M. Castilla says:

OK, gracias por sus vídeos, thanks for your videos

Frank Jakobs says:

Nice Tricks

Galland 34 says:

Thankyou Colin, very useful tips and I do use quite a lot of your tips. Always worth a watch

Turockstar1 says:

Lol!!! The rubber glove is flicking everyone off!

Mean's Woodshop says:

Dave at Make Something has a pretty awesome video for sandpaper storage. I made something very similar a good while back when I made mine and it works out great. I recommend giving it a watch

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