6 Cool Tools woodworkers MUST SEE! (Atlanta show part 1)

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LINKS TO TOOLS SEEN IN VIDEO (clicking on these links helps support us, at no cost to you)►
1:19 Ring Master bowl maker: //ringmasterlathe.com/
2:03 Nova Smart Chisel Handle: //www.teknatool.com/product/nova-smart-chisel-handle-beta-release/
2:58 Carter band saw Stabilizer: //www.carterproducts.com/band-saw-products/band-saw-stabilizer
4:21 Tarter Woodworking MLIS stencils: //www.tarterwoodworking.com/
5:49 ISOtunes New Earbuds (not available until May 2018)
Other ISO tunes earbuds: //amzn.to/2JBfVRc
7:16 Grex pneumatic nailers: //amzn.to/2EAPmI9

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M-Power: //www.m-powertools.com/
Saburrtooth Tools: //www.saburrtooth.com/
ISO Tunes: //isotunesaudio.com/


Bent Water says:

Tool number 2 could also be made into a flute. In case you wanted to play music while on the lathe.

Gilberto Diaz-Castro says:

That Isotunes product could be improved. My current Bludio(r) headphones fit over my ear, keep dust from entering my eat and don't have a cord of any kind that could get caught on machinery. My headphones have excellent sound reproduction and the battery lasts upwards of 30 hours not just eight per charge. They are not waterproof but it's ok, I turn wood away from the pool.

Jim Bo says:

Cordless rechargeable nailers are the way forward. The edge guide is the bees knees.

loopedmess says:

Isotunes earbuds look cool, how would they do if blasted by air?

Greg Chaney says:

There is a Ringmaster for the Shopsmith that has been around for a number of years. One of the few tools that have been adapted for the Shopsmith.

USAGeorge Pa. says:

We need our toys! Problem is what do we do with our old ones? Whats next? How about an app where you talk to it.tell it what you want and it automatically programs and runs your CNC controlled shop…Why bother getting out of bed? Is this where we want to go?

TomKaren94 says:

Now all the nailer providers will reverse engineer the Grex spacer onto their tools. If it is removable, I would definitely buy it.

Russ staples says:

2 weeks. Long time, no vid. Wasup Bubba Gump?

Jean-Marc Labonte says:

WOW. Thanks for showing these great tools. I had to stop the video and put on a Lobster Bib, to stop the drool from hitting the keyboard. So many tools, so little time….and money. Can't wait to see the others. Now I am hungry for Lobster. Keep up the good content.

the green man says:

that edge guide on the nailer is one of those simple things you wonder why they didnt do years ago.

Russ staples says:

Hey Stumpy, Chad Stanton is using the saw cutting the round piece of wood vid that u used.

Ali Maleki says:

The Grex nailers look good but they're two to three times the price of of other very good models.

jon cave says:

That Grex Guy sounds exactly like Mackey the teacher on south park.

Kiki Lang says:

The must see tool is behind you. I've been looking for some older tools, and can't find any. Now I know where they went.

Upperpen Caregiver says:

I've never heard of Grex but they are available everywhere?

John Lehman says:

This post is not to be taken as any reflection on Stumpy Nubs or his site. It is to forewarn potential buyers from Nova (Teknatool) to be on your guard.  My e-mail to Nova"I just ordered Nova Smart Chisel Holder. When I went to Checkout the shipping charge was $8.99 USPS, but when I received my invoice the shipping charge was $52.25 Priority Mail. I did not ask for Priority Mail nor was there any place to request Priority Mail. I consider this unethical action to be a bate and switch and not the practice of a reputable company. I would not have purchased this item if I had known that the shipping was $52.25"
Needless to say I am upset.

Игорь Сатори says:

My most favorite series about tools! 🙂

CrossWood says:

Edge guide on a brad nailer….who knew. Is the butane cartridge proprietary I wonder? Bummer if it is. Cheers! Chris.

Ryan Wall says:

Thanks for helping my back pain Mr. Nubs. My wallet is going to be much thinner now.

Lee says:

enjoyed the video.

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