7 Woodworking Business Mistakes That Can Hurt You And Your Company

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//bit.ly/MakeMoneyWoodworking — Either we’re out there living life (and making mistakes as we go) – or we’re not doing much of anything.Mistakes are a part of life – and business.And while I’m sure I’ve made every mistake in the book, knowing what they are and how to avoid them can spare you the pain – and save you thousands of dollars too.Here are 7 mistakes to watch out for…1. Missed Deadlines.2. Not Having Complete Details Before You Begin A Project.3. Taking On Jobs That You Should Have Avoided.4. Not Making Productive Use Of Shop Time.5. Waiting For Business To Come To You Instead Of Actively Marketing.6. Booking Too Much Work At Once.7. Wasting Time With Tire Kickers.Be on the lookout for these – and any other mistakes in your woodworking business that can cost you money. It means staying alert and being aware of your workload at all times and listening to that quiet voice inside – instead of neglecting it.


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