Affordable Dust Collection for the Home Workshop

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Having a method for dust extraction in the shop is important, but if you have a small shop or work out of your garage it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Read more here ►►//

RIGID 4 GALLON WET/DRY VAC. Mine is slightly different, purchased at Home Depot. Don’t get anything less than 5 horsepower ► //

THE DUST DEPUTY cyclone is much more affordable than my Clear Vue. I’ve used both and there isn’t any real difference in quality.► //
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Keep your fingers safe. Get a GRR-RIPPER ► //

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Anonymous Hacker says:

Attatch it to your trash can. So it automatically goes directly in your trash bin and it get emptied by trash collector haha lol

Curtis Ongley says:

Make a square box to collect the dust rather than a bucket as this stops the dust spinning in the bucket. It seams to work better for me and you can make the top size a tight fit for a rubbish bag for emptying. A square box can also be made rectangular so it can be hung on a wall or fit between tools. If you have the money get a long hose and put the vacuum outside if it won't annoy your neighbours.

tube4waldek says:

My question is: how loud is this vac?
Can't find this info anywhere.
Nice video as always!

Robert Sturtcman says:

Thank you for this video. It was so very informative and helpful. I am in the midst of installing a modest system. My shop is small so this system will be small and affordable. Your comments as well as those from your clever subscribers have provided a lot of useful info. Keep up these great videos. Oh, and I don't foresee a need for any body dipping, but I'll file away the info, anyway. lol

rhshel says:

you made a fun article and I love seeing the crap collected to the see through cyclone. So why don't they make the containers for dust everywhere see through???

Robert Sand says:

Where did you get those wheels and attachment for your table saw? Also what's it called. Looking for one myself

NYWoodworker says:

I identified more with the scruffy Steve but now you are a sponsored rock star so image is important. Hahaha. One good thing is that you are still doing project videos and not shop updates and vlogs. Enjoy your vids..

Hanan Fatani says:

Can I use normal Vacum machine and attache the dust cyclone to it?

William Branham says:

Since most designs can be improved, mount the vacuum on a remote controlled toy car. No handle needed.

Rob Page says:

This vid inspired me to build a dust cart of my own (used a Dust Deputy) and I am amazed how well it works. Twice I've emptied a full bucket of saw dust then checked inside my Ridgid vac and not a speck of dust. Literally, not ANY dust. Dust Deputy catches everything. The biggest problem is the suction is so strong the business end sticks to the concrete when I'm vacuuming! Thanks for the tip.

John Nielsen says:

Any experience with PVC piping vs. metal pipes with regards to price, static electricity, ease of installation, ect.?
Have heard, that static electricity can build up in a system and eventually ignite the fine dust, if not grounded.

protocultureBJJ says:

If everything goes into that bucket… is it safe to vacuum up fiberglass with it if I don't have a Hepa filter shop vac?
I assume it wouldn't be Or else that would be a selling point so you can use it for both sawdust and fiberglass

Bart Duggan says:

G/day Steve
I have watched countless videos on Cyclone dust separators. And every one shows how well they work, BUT not one shows it working for very fine dust such as from sanders, such as drum sanders and or belt sanders. I have tried all the variations videos have shown but nothing what so ever takes out the fine stuff. Am I flogging a dead horse?? meaning it won't work on fine dust!!
Keen to hear your views and or advice, cheers from Australia…

Note from the Editor says:

First, your MicroJig intros are hilarious.

Second, thank you so much for the videos – they are extremely helpful and consistently entertaining.


The President of The Internet says:

Painful sinusitis brought me here – I learned the hard way

inue windwalker says:

I know this video is old and you may never see this comment, however one thing you can really do to save a lot of money on wood filler, especially if it's a special project with a specific type of wood, is you can save your Sawdust. It may sound silly, but if you mix the right fineness of sawdust with epoxy/woodglue you can make DIY filler in a jam. I've done it on a few of my small projects and it works out fine. But I was only making a birdhouse so….

Zeta Adeen says:

Best book ever: Tonka Trucks

Michael Sherwin says:

My shop vac just sits in the corner gathering dust!

K.B. Woodworker says:

Living in a climate where you can work outside so much of the time would make a huge difference to me, especially when it comes to dust collection. I'm jealous 😉 when I see all warmth and sunshine, especially in Feb. when I have to get a snowplow to reach my car to drive to Home Depot.

I made a dust collector with the cyclone-Dust Deputy-on top, and a small shop vac on the bottom. It's a great space saver. Made from scrap. Having it on top does not seem to matter.

Fearthelettuce says:

Hi Steve,

It looks like you are using 3/4 inch plywood on this project. Any reason why you went for the extra expense over 1/2 inch?

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