Amazing Carpenters Dexterity Woodworking Skills From Discarded Wooden – You Need To See To Know

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Amazing Carpenters Dexterity Woodworking Skills From Discarded Wooden – You Need To See To Know
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Farah S.Ali says:

It was better before. So much better. Sorry !

suzie johnson says:

I’m gathering he has not heard of Work Place Health And safety going by the thongs he’s wearing around power tools and in particular the saw🤪 . May as well add some fuel around the place then light up a cigarette ⛽️

Dani Panda says:

What is the beginning song?

Gina Adams says:

Fuck is it?

Jane Kokoszko says:

I see he's very safety aware and careful to maintain a tidy and safe working enviorment.

Katherine Pirkle says:

Wears flip flops while working with machines and timber…

M Vazquez says:

"WOW" you call this great carpentry skills? it was a total waste of a log stump!! you should have made a large vase out of that huge stump!! that is horrible! no no I mean "NO SKILLS AT ALL"!!! & looking at it like he created a master piece "ROTFLMMFAO" garbage!!!!!

Mad Max says:

What's with the stupid music raw sound is better.

maggs131 says:

Only commendable thing here is the balls to lathe a rotten piece of shit wood. Maybe its stupidity or the lack of options

Dany Leather says:

Botas con casquillo? Para que deja uso chanclas

QuickCoupon D says:

Ah, bọn Việt cộng

THRESH00 says:

Left the pith in, it will crack. Not impressed. good try though. Maybe learn to sharpen and use a gouge? much better finish than those scrapers.

Henry Donat says:

There are 666 dislikes right now

Chris Helms says:


saturn D'great says:

Did i just watched how you waste all those excess wood to make a fuckin trash.. carpentry skill makes out of the natural beauty the earth has to offer and you don’t have a single one of it

candlekeep2002 says:

Amazing! Teach a bunch of potentially young children to operate a chainsaw in the most unsafe way possible.  How has this video not been flagged yet?

Ahmed LAHLOU says:

Seriously… you find it amazing?!?! Any DIY used to a lathe can do that

Nadeem Mohammad says:

That fucking annoying music in every videos!😢

S1148495 says:

This should be titled "Darwin award nominee makes wood shavings"

Philip Diaz says:

Running a chainsaw in flip flops. Classy.

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