Amazing Woodworking Project For Stair Railing – How To Build A Newel Posts New Design

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Amazing Woodworking Project For Stair Railing – How To Build A Newel Posts New Design
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созвездие Плеяд777 777 says:

А что если сделать из цельной доски?

cros19 says:

Eu tô a meses pra fazer o corrimão da escada (bom, tenho trocentas coisas pra fazer) mas fico admirado com esses caras fazendo ARTE no chão com 2 ou 3 ferramentas!!! Parabéns!

sharp brown says:

This woodwork plan has the best materials out there available [Link Here==// ]. I was stuck while building my first wood shed, so disappointed I need to surrender that task. I'm happy to have come in contact with this building arrangement. It's astounding!

Mirka R says:


ramy وافي wafy وافي says:


Николай Ситков says:


Victor manuel Arías says:

Con pocas herramientas tremendo arte me imagino qué si te valoran tu trabajo en poco tiempo tendrás tu buenas herramientas y buen billetes sigue asi y que Dios te bendiga

Динара Стамкулова says:


Brian Hinton says:

Absolutely Great !!!

malf planejados Marcenaria says:

Isso é arte velho
Não é pra todo mundo

Sergey Bohan says:

хуета, ускоглазым то похуй

Bmax says:

wouah fantastic ! good !

henry dboys88 says:

Wow ! your a surgeon with that grinder outstanding craftsmanship 👍


kamangha-mangha ( awesome )

Pietro Maker says:

Good… in my channel i work with wood.. ☺

TziLakriZa says:

I love your videos! Is it ok if I feature you on my Instagram page? @diy.woodworking1

motox947 says:

wow, such craftsmanship and with basic tool and on the job site. you just don't see many people like this guy.

Metabo Fan says:

Impressive video 👍😎

Rab Rab says:

Que impresionante loco no se de donde eres pero eres un crack

Harry Irvine says:

True craftsmanship on site!

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