Amazing Woodworking Techniques Extremely Fast – Skills Work With Wood Lathe Creative Of Carpenter

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How To Make A Wooden Vase With Wood Lathe
Amazing Woodworking Techniques Extremely Fast
Skills Work With Wood Lathe Creative Of Carpenter
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nemo says:

Surely not insured, I believe…

sachmo omhcas says:

The accident/fatality rates must be off the chart.

peteb2 says:

About the most dangerous thing i have watched in ages!

Geoff Shaw says:

17:55 – that looks like your leg.

Samsonite says:

Needs a real chainsaw

Chris Gregory says:

The result is impressive but the only thing amazing about his technique is that he hasn't lost more body parts. The only safe thing he was doing at the lathe was wearing eye protection. The way he holds his lathe tools almost guarantees that he's going to lose a thumb, while his gloves actually increase the risk of him losing more of his hand. Moving the tool rest while the work is rotating is a very bad idea particularly with something that big, foam slippers aren't adequate protection even if the chainsaw is dull, and without a full facemask when one of those giant things explodes he'll be lucky to walk away with the front half of his skull intact.

David Martinsen says:

Good way to lose a limb

Adam Chambers says:

ah ye olde sandals and power tool " woodworking" …

Jose Cavalcante says:

Top top top.

fred kahle says:

Safety is not in his toolbox

gregg livesay says:

Let’s see… boots while cutting, no chaps to protect his legs, placing legs between a piece of angle iron while a large log is spinning at high speed…..

jadekayak01 says:

where was this,vietnam or cambodia?

todd matheson says:

How would he seal it against water?

Salmen Haster says:

Extravagant! ! ! I remembered an episode of Woodpecker, when he knocked down a huge tree, stuffed it into a giant lathe and made a toothpick! ! !

Mark Schear says:

Open toe sandals must be worn at all times…….for safety.😁

Matt Berg says:

Beautiful work. Do you rough cut wet and then let the wood dry? How do you prevent shrinkage cracks?

Dan Van Hoose says:

Flip flops and a chain saw and crap ass music.big thumbs down!!!!

Long Range Rifle says:

OMG, another good vid with shit music.

Tom Mabon says:

I love working with wood but I'm nowhere near as good as this guy

WoodWork SkillArt says:

How long did it took you?

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