AntiSkid / Anti Slip Workshop Life Hacks – Woodworking Tips and Tricks

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Antiskid life hacks for your woodworking workshop!
In this video, we review some great tip and tricks for making your woodshop less slippery using anti slip mat material.

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J.M. Castilla says:

OK, gracias por sus vídeos, thanks for your videos

Bill Carroll says:

Wow, that stuff is everywhere, great tips, mate.👍
I watched Richard on Brainfizz channel today, he was talking about the same non slip mats.
He states that when they start to slide, it's from the dust sticking to them, and suggest to wssh in warm soapy water, good as new.

ArcanePath360 says:

I learned so much here, thanks!
I have this under my rugs on a tiled floor, but recently the bathroom one stopped gripping and is always sliding around, I didn't know they had a shelf life.
You also saved my a tonne of time – I was going to put wood in my vice to make it grip things better but this is much better. And I had no idea it worked on wood for routering – I've been struggling all this time with clamps that get in the way and I have to do profiles in stages, this will save all that mucking about.

De Hunter says:

Where to get that material

Gordon Aitchison says:

It's usually fine dust that causes it to slide, answer–give it a wash and let it dry. This will prolong its life.

Dave Walsh says:

i use this on so many jigs. great vid

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