AWESOME Waves out of Wood! Best Woodworking Project You Must See!

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zhp500 says:

The first one or two is cool, then its like this again,…..and again and again and again,…

Mr. UnFuckWitable says:

Looks like wrinkled sheets

Brett Hildebrandt says:

Great job. Just suggestion. Try spraying paint from one side to create shading, then clear coat it. Just an idea for you.

Blackrain4xmas says:

Wow. I've got the angle grinder w same attachments. Your arms must be sore! Dust control had to be a monster challenge too!! Great work!

Tobias Berlin says:

nice! Amazing work!
what kind of discs did he use for engraving the structure into the wood? Basic scrub discs?
And the fine polish of the wood must be a huge time consuming part?

Ron Dyson says:

Love your work pal ……………Like the way you design.     Well done , all the best

D Pavlovic says:

amazing work… but wtf is happening at 3:38???

Sam SSam says:

Really????. R u for real????????
After all this Amazing work , Time and effort. u paint it black. R u fucking kidding me?

Jeff says:

great application for a dining room table…along with chairs without seats.

mark goode says:

oh yes, I agree. This is excellent workmanship. An impressive artist. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.

anıl idi says:

Whats the artist name??

Andres Vidal says:

Excellent work. But please publish the artists names!

Joseph Brauer says:

very cool !!

Michael Hermann says:

indescribably beautiful !!

john smith says:

Seen this on display before, but thought was done by machines. Great job.

American woodworking tricks / Stolarskie Triki says:

WOW .That is awesome.

Christoffer Tamm says:

Send N… XD

DimOk's Woodworking says:

Never seen anything like that!!
Keep up a good work guys!!

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