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Had a great time building this cabinet using only joinery and a bit of glue on the doors. Oh, and THE SAMURAI SCHOOL OF WOODWORKING IS LIVE NOW!!!!!! FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW TO SIGN UP!



Darkburrow says:

The feeling seeing him use western planer, I'm hurt.

Bruce James says:

I have always enjoyed your videos and think you very talented woodworker with some awesome skills. However I was dismayed to see you do a bonehead move of face planning the board in the jointer and your hand on the end of the board less than 1 inch from blades.

John Smith says:

Masterpiece !

Picapau says:

Bet you hear this a lot. But I really like your sence of humor 🙂

Lort Hammercy says:

Facebook is dead bruh. Its where single moms go to hang out.

Idbuythatfora$ says:

A… mazing

BJEAKE says:

Beautiful cabinet, but you need to renovate the bathroom now to fit the level of quality of the cabinet. 🙂

TheJameron says:

Red oak and walnut? Looks great, nice job!

Ryan Martens says:

You are too tall to be working on the floor! LOL

T wagner says:

White oak, very very hard and difficult to work. Nice. You're the man.

Alexander Dickie says:

Don't want to be mean… but your bathroom is HORRIBLE!

Tomat Cicibelli says:

Best samurai ever!

BigNickDub says:

The extent of my carpentry skills starts and stops at hanging doors and cabinets. Watching you weekly, building these things from scratch is captivating.

gssns says:

That’s gorgeous

Lester freeman says:

Samurai like a fine wine you are getting better with time.

Theophilus Jedediah says:

Wabi sabi..inner peace is derived from our patient pursuit of nature’s suggested beauty.

Blake says:

Love the way you cut the wedges 🧀 I’m hungry after watching this

Jason Lawry says:

I like your videos! I watched your video when you went to Japan for the competition, nice job by the way!!! I then was watching videos on marquetry, wow then I saw Japanese marquetry. would you happen to know what plane they use for that, and how much would be the estimate on the cost of the plane? Thank you for your videos?

adam laguisan says:

Do you know of anywhere in southern California where I can learn this type of carpentry?

Black Comet says:

Can you do a video or series of videos on joints? Which ones do you prefer and why? When would you use them rather than other joints? Where are they designed to receive stress; from the top, or side to side?

I've know of the standard joinery technics but I never heard of a scarf joint until I saw you use it. Also, you use joints in a way I don't normally see, and you use them together in a project.

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