BESSEY® Pipe Clamps H-Style BPCH

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Review of BESSEY H-Style clamping fixtures for 3/4″ and 1/2″ black pipe.
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SuperBris73 says:

I recently bought a 3/4 unit. It seems that the base connected to the screw is out of alignment. This jams up the entire unit. Is there a way to reseat the screw back into the jaw base?

jeff burns says:

excellent idea on adding length

elen mene says:


Home Made says:


Julian Cheung says:

Also, I bought one and I found that, it should be 3/4 inch but when I measure it, the thread end part is around 2.5 cm and nearly one inch. If it is 3/4 inch, it should be around 1.9cm. Did I buy a wrong one?

Julian Cheung says:

Would like to ask if galvanised pipes suit the clamp?

Julian Cheung says:

Where can I buy the pipe? Or can I make myself a wooden one?

Kelly Robinette says:

Is there a reason/advantage to using 3/4" rather than 1/2" or would either do for most projects?

Luis Hernandez says:

pipe clamps is all I've always used, still have my first 4 I bought 15 years ago.

Eric Mougeolle says:

ou trouver en europe (france ou allemagne) c'est outillage
eric. mougeolle merci

Arfix - Ingeniería en Fijación says:

Hola! Nosotros vendemos este tipo de prensa en Argentina, consúltenos por éste y muchos más productos! – ARFIX, Ingeniería en Fijación

Darius Arbačiauskas says:

Hi, would it work with 18mm pipe? because i can get only 18 or 20mm pipe, nobody makes 3/4 – 19mm here…

ToolStoreCanada says:

These #Bessey #PipeClamps are hard to keep on the shelves, people consistently buy Bessey because they "simply better"

Stuff Seth Makes says:

Definitely my favorite pipe clamps. I have 2 sets but I need a few more when I have some extra money 😉 If you want to send some my way for Christmas I would not be upset, haha! I have a couple of the blue brand but I don't like the way they work/feel. Bessey for the win!! 👍🏼

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