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Blue tape (okay, it’s really painter’s tape, but we’re not painting with it!) has become a staple in most woodshops. There are dozens of great uses for it, regardless of color. Take a look at some of our favorites. For more PopWood Shop Tips, visit: //


Greg Virgoe says:

I'm always bumping over my straight edge, not any more, thanks for sharing 😀

gowd sake says:

WTF is blue tape ?

robin latmans says:

or use: Plywood Dado Router Bits [These bits are slightly narrower or "under sizes" to match the actual thickness of plywood].

Ben B says:

or sand the edges or put pressure on the router a couple passes

fab7133 says:

are you kidding? youll be there forever. especially if you have to do multiple dados.Get yourselves a dado blade with a shim package. set it and forget it.

Balázs Lakatos says:

another example how to waste planet's resources

Wolf Lahti says:

You really need to sharpen your router bit for a cleaner dado. Better yet, get a downcut spiral bit.

LightGesture says:

Mind… blown….

biggixer says:

Great tip ha 28 years at work and I've just see this now …….brilliant

C.T. Wellington says:

just use a piece of paper and fold it up however many times. Painters tape can get expensive

James A. Latimer says:

I don't hyave blue tape. Will green tape work too?

stefan brown says:

Seems wasteful

Kyle Wilson says:

that's utterly brilliant!

Graceland Studio Covers says:

Wood with 2 screws and a strip that is adjustable can do the trick.

knaggs238 wilko999 says:

Excellent stuff…Now this is a very useful tip!

David Farmer says:

That looks seriously neat!

Eugene Balabuev says:

What is "two path router method"? Can anyone explain.

pat welch says:

Buy a plywood router bit for 20 bucks…23/32"

ednaplate says:

So damn simple. Genius.

David Punton says:

Great tip! Thanks.

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