Build A Shop Air Cleaner – 237

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MrGtownjake says:

What cordless nailer is that?

Lobo Technology Education says:

Why don't you use the guard on your table saw?

Ray Carson says:

Shawn looks like Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR driver). I like the tag team video.

Shop Nation says:

Great addition of the filter on the blower discharge to help catch any particles that made it through. What micron rating did you guys use? Great video and really enjoyed the “perspective text” lol

joeyisfunny says:

Whats the point of having such a weak filter on the exhaust? The air will be clean at that point, and that filter wont catch much of any fine dust.

LaBeefy101 says:

Couple of real talkative fellows 😉

Nicksperiments says:

Did… Did you spray paint your Ryobi tools black?

Ben ベンジャミン Robinson says:

Where are you finding all the old furnaces?

It's me Ryan says:

i'm thinking about making this
should i use electrostatic filters if i have some left over?
they're easier to clean
maybe just throw a prefilter in front?

Bear Creek Woodworking says:

I already have an old furnace blower. Thanks to this video, now I can make a shop air cleaner and put it to good use. Thanks to your shop air monitor video, I know I need to clean my shop air.

alfonzo mallqui says:

I am a beginner woodworker and I honestly don't see the point in spending my time and resources building something that already exists. there are a few dust extractors and air cleaners that work really well out in the market that I can just hang from my ceiling and get back to building furniture or making DUST! To each their own but I would advice any aspiring woodworker to not get sidetracked building things that are already there, trust me. Spend the money, and get back to spending time figuring things out in woodworking.

samlol23 says:

Very very well done. Editing is a skill that you most certainly excel at! Makes for entertaining as well as informative video. Thanks

Rotor Hawg says:

Good job. Saw this question earlier but didn't see a response; Where would I find one of these motors?

Mick Bator says:

Does that dude wear a leather jacket, and have a baseball bat with barbed wire around the bashing end, and call it Lucille?

HomeHaunter1 says:

I am in need of some advice/direction for building a shop air cleaner. I have a fan from an old suspended heater that I figure would make a good motor for an air cleaner. Problem is that it has a cage around it that i may need to work around. I am not sure where to start. Do I put the fan outside the box blowing into filters or do I put the fan inside the box blowing out air that has been filtered? This one design element has stumped me for some time and I cant seem to figure out the best design. The cage is on the intake side of the fan so putting it so it blows into filters seems the better option. Any help is appreciated.

Wood Butcher says:

Dig the perspective text. Thank you for not using Comic Sans.

Gcooper0021 says:

I see you like chess too

darangemaster1 says:

i made a similar version for my old shop i used a standard AC filter in front of a think a 5 micron to keep it cleaner. worked very well and from all scrap material. the blower motor was a new take out from a manufactured home.

Dana Keiser says:

thanks for the idea,, I was wanting to do something like that, and your idea was what I was looking for thanks

Matt says:

You repeated everything he said

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