Build A Shop On A Budget: Idea Shop 6 – $150 x 26 Paychecks – WOOD magazine

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Here’s the plan – Build a complete low cost woodworking shop in 1 year, budgeting only $150 out of every 2 week paycheck. This video will tell you exactly what items to get with each paycheck that will fit your budget. Also, how much to hold back for those big items down the road. It’s a very strategic, comprehensive plan to build you a full wood working shop in 1 year, but be able to build simple projects within the first few weeks. If you’ve always wanted to start a shop but just didn’t know where to start or what tools to start with – now you do!

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John Sanford says:

Excellent series, although I would say that there are several critical things missing. A block plane, a set of chisels, and a means of sharpening. (Scary Sharp and a basic Eclipse type guide would work.) Also, some hand sanding blocks should be on the "make 'em" list.

loopedmess says:

Little misleading as some of the items are rounded way down. Under 150 for table saw, planer?

KSFWG says:

Buy the planer before the jointer. You can make a jig to edge joint on the table saw and a sled to face joint using the planer.

Jason Robbins says:

I don't understand what the foam insulation is for.

Corey Gillis says:

I only have 10X14 shed for a woodshop what is the rest why to setup thx

BTD says:

Followed this in the magazine, good information with logical flow for beginner. Thanks!

wimmisky says:

This is an amazing idea and series, thank you very much for this

Monte Glover says:

Look for good used equipment skip the little jointer buy a drill press instead.
My 40 years of experience

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