Build a Workbench with Drawers for $65

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Jeremy shows you how to build a cheap workbench with drawers for $65 or less. Follow along with free downloadable plans that include bill of materials, costs, cutting diagrams, part list, and shop drawings.

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If you have some tips or a question on building a garage workbench, please be sure to leave a comment or link below. We encourage community and want to provide access to a variety of information so viewers can make their own informed decisions about the topics we cover.

We are taking you along on our journey to become more self reliant and self sustainable. Join us as we build our skills in the areas of canning, prepping, gardening, woodworking, and learning old time methods of living.

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Jaime and Jeremy

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Cody Maine says:

well done … I like your simple, common sense approach and instructions

Mandy Rainey says:

This will be my kitchen island! Love it!

markforrestsm says:

Nice build Jeremy! All the way from South Africa..

garry smythe says:

great build and very pleasant to watch, thanks for posting ….Garry from the UK


Awesome video!!

Ausim Khan says:

Great simplistic efficient design thanks for the free plans

gene ward says:

Got Sig? I noticed the toolbox sticker.

Mark Travis says:

Great vid & ideas man! Thanks for sharing. Excellent example of how, w woodworking, there's usually several different ways to accomplish the same result. Ex: I never woulda' thought about how you mounted the side drawer supports underneath the bench. Looking forward to more vids.

Chuck Savage says:

What is a good way to attach the top without having any screws showing ?

Myrwok says:

nice work . suscripto y like

Gibo Trebs Llarena says:

wow! i am so glad to have found this video and your channel. i was just reminded of how my papa would have loved watching this with me as he was also into woodworking. passed away over 3 years ago but i could just imagine if he'd been alive today. i work in IT consultancy but am being inspired lately to continue with my papa's woodworking pursuits and passion. thank you, jeremy!

Bob Eagle says:

what software do you use. That looks cool.

Pooch1953 says:

Great and timely video. I have been getting ready to build a bench, but the cost of materials was holding me up, watching your video showed me I could do it for less and still have a strong, workable bench for a lot less money. Thanks for making this video and showing me there are ways around the expenses and still have a good end product.

Kellie p-b_FAM says:

awwww that was so loving of your Dad gave you his tools, I'd love a work shop like that!!!! boy, I'd get the things I want DONE as they say married to a mechanic the wife's vehicle is last To Be Done, well Carpenter husband and still waiting on a few things Done! 😞😞😞😞 I always worked with machines not many hand tools, even though I can broke my back 3X so I like the easiest way to get it done! I Lost All my equipment in a shop/Barn fire 😥😖 so we're left with hand tools! Great job! 👍👍

Sonya Gregory says:

Wow! Great video! Our son just sent his Dad the Kreg K5 Master Jig set for his birthday yesterday. I'm going to show my husband your youtube channel. He will really like all the stuff that you guys do. Especially the shop stuff. Thanks! Oh by the way we are also from North Carolina, not far from you guys. We love our North Carolina home!

I'm A Believer says:

God bless the generous Dads out there.

Vikas Gujadhur says:

That wax idea was genius!

MrEd Mister says:

great simple video with detailed plans. speaking of the plans, what software did you use for this? thanks again!

Kathy J says:

Love the design. I just finished two small projects and am ready to get my bench put together. Like that it has drawers and so easy to make too. I didn't catch what you called those rollers under the drawers because your music cut out what you said. At least on my PC. Anyway keep up the good work. Where can I get some plans?

Southeast Asia says:

100% practical and a suitable workbench for 95% of weekend warrior woodworkers.
Fantastic job making possibly the most affordable workbench on YouTube with virtually all new materials.

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