Building the wood shop 1

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This is the first video in a series bringing you along as I setup/build my wood working shop.

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Dawn Daybreak says:

Somebody's been playing airsoft.

eric gelman says:

What kind of level is that? very unusual, and cool-looking!

Dana Nelson says:

Thanks for sharing. More light, it's a good place to start.

Antoine Glerum says:

I like the way you caulk that window. Never steen that before.
Question: Why die you place the window this high? Do you get so much snow over there?
Top part of the wall is ideal for storage and tools.
The light intro your shop is now partially blocked by the overhang of the roof, and it's much nicer to have all the light from your window directly on the worktop.


Bad job…. you opened up a load bearing wall and you didn't support it.

Leif Gunnarson says:

Mitt förslag är att du skall skydda mot brand.

Italian Mile says:

I greatly appreciated the use of a natural material to isolate the sides of the windows.

tim jackson says:

You talk?? 🙈🙉🙊
Would make your blacksmithing videos even better for a little explanation in lots of areas.

titanicjb says:

Hi Torbjörn, watching carefully your video, I was curious for your steel level, you where using.  I think, I happen to own a similar metal plate with two spirit levels.  Both of the levels can be adjusted by an L-shaped bracket, which is quite unusual, I guess.  I have never seen that before.  Is your level equipped with a similar plate?  Is the level self made or could you buy those kind of levels readily equipped with these special spirit levels?

NekomimiNinja says:

2:16 Restoration video tease? 😀

Michael Thomson says:

You should restore that rusty saw blade, maybe turn it into a functioning saw again.

runcandy3 says:

I'm curious to see how you will go about insulation since you said you wanted to heat it.

Dorian Bracht says:

I'm looking forward to how your build unfolds!

Hunter Smith says:

Do you make your own charcoal or buy it

Juanma González says:

Una gran envidia de ver el gran espacio con el que cuentas para trabajar,y hacernos partícipes de tus proyectos!!! Buen trabajo!!!!

Hiitman Entertainment says:

what size is that shop? I'm working on wood shop as well looks close to that size!

Tailss1 says:

How are you going to stop the rain from leaking through the wall like that?

Bildric Thebent says:

I think I will put cleaning and organizing our storage room on hold until TÅ's shop is complete…that would be excuse # 85 or 90. Thanks Torbjörn!

Niels M H says:

If your plans are also for making videos, be sure to add plenty of lighting options from the beginning. It will be much easier than having to retrofit lights everywhere, or have mobile video lights to constantly move around.

Mayur Baliga says:

Excellent waiting for part 2, good job👍👍👍

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