Buying Woodworking Machines Direct from China? I risked it!

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Like the title goes, I got this thicknesser direct from China, and thought I’d take you guys along for the ride!

Let me know if any questions!


Ty Kellerman says:

Great info thanks

Gus Warren says:

Thanx mate. I've bought several machines from China. I always choose the 'Free shipping' Next time try that.

JAC Built Woodworks says:

So how much did it cost you all up in the end? With import fees and delivery etc included?

ADMIN says:


Cesar Alvarez says:

This is an idiotic video, the reason why your machines make so much noise is because you are planing the wrong material the wrong way. First the material (plywood), a great porcentage of the material you are planing contains glue, glue to make the material plus the glue you use to laminate the strips of plywood into a plank, glue is very hard on the blades of planers, which makes them dull much faster. Secondly, half of that material is being cut by the planer in the wrong direction (vertical) as the nature of plywood is the criss-crossed of the layers. planers are not designed to cut material in a vertical position, because it will tear the material instead of cutting. For the process you are doing a router on a jig will work much better, with some sandind to do after. It is quite ovbious to a lot of people that you have never recieved woodworking training, other wise you would have known this. Your video is not only spreading wrong information it's dangerous. Actually seeing how you run the material through the planers is an indication of your lack of training. You have to realize that people who do not have training copy your process and can and do put themselves in danger of loosing a finger or even worse injuries. I have worked with machines made in China, and the two things that have stand out are, they are notoriously poorly made and extremely inacurate, thus the low price.

Ron Ryan says:

Readers Digest Version: Buy local. Ends up costing just as much, no warranty or any other support whatsoever, and takes 4 months to get. God help you if it arrives damaged.

woodenman1954 says:

Here in the States we have Grizzly which sells a 15" 3 HP planer for $ 1375.00 and their customer service is outstanding. The planer # is GO453 and it weighs 675 pounds. Their industrial tools are amazing, 25 inch 3 phase planers at 2054 pounds for $ 10,150.00

Gordon Aitchison says:

Looks like a great machine and I hope you look after it better than your drill press table. 🙂

Norman Boyes says:

Interesting so how much did you save over buying the Carbatec locally in total – you lost me a bit but it looked about $200?

JAC Built Woodworks says:

I don't know if I would buy directly from China. What if something goes wrong with it, how would you claim warranty? I think I'd spend the extra for piece of mind. But then again, I suppose it is something to think about.

thermmaloverload says:

I had basically the same experience importing a Laser cutter/engraver but I still think I saved $1500. To do it you need, Google Translate, trust, time, an Australian/local freight forwarder to sort out the paperwork and Australian/local Insurance.

And don't forget that there will be little support and no realistic warranty 🙂

Lilly Dragon says:

It's all chinese crap, might as well skip the middle man.

kapuraftw says:

Signs of a great youtuber: teaches me about a machine i will never buy and provides information about international buying which i will never use….but keeps it interesting as hell where i wind up staying and enjoying anyway 🙂

Walt Lars says:

I looked into importing a 3 wheel cargo bike
can't get a strait answer about custom charges on this end and trucking charges to get it from Port to Me maybe 90 miles I think picking it at dock My self would save a,lot

The President of The Internet says:

Looks like a true quality machine – you never regret buying quality, in fact you thank yourself every time you use it. With this machine though I would be worried about spares – unless you know that its also sold under a brand somewhere in the West

bo ter berg says:

Dude, a thicknesser ? For about 3k USD … I thought you're a chef ;o)
Think I'd invest that money for some CNC router, but then they are pretty slow. Why do you think you'll need it ? Are you using expensive exotic woods for cabinet making ? You fell your own trees ? Planning to use scrap wood glued together to make some sort of Piet Heijn Eek furniture ? Sweet machine tho, altho quite big. You need quite some space to be able to feed it and also let it go all the way to the end. IMO a small one would do, but the noise …. ah well, it's your money, your heart ;o)
Cheers !

Mark's Gourmet Workshop says:

Super interesting! I've always thought buying direct!

Marisa Aguilera says:

I wa looking at getting a panel saw from China, thanks for the video.

Kuffys Woodwork says:

I have a feeling this will be a very handy video for you in the future. "where did you get that Jinteng thicknesser? How much did it cost?" etc etc 😀

SeanHodgins says:

I've done importing and customs work myself before. Its difficult the first time, but then you save a lot of fees in the long run if you plan on importing a bunch of stuff.

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