Cabinet Scraper Honing Guide | Paul Sellers

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Getting a crisp 45° bevel on your cabinet scraper can be tricky. Paul shows how to make and use a honing guide that gives you a guaranteed angle every time.

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Bruce Brachman says:

Do you store the cabinet scraper without tension or can you just leave it the way you use it?

The Wood Yogi says:

Nice and handy 🙂 Thanks Paul 🙂 ॐ

George says:

I love that you seem to alternate between inches and mm. I do the same, but I imagine plenty of people are confused as anything.

Ray Roberts says:

Now that was a great tip !!

Thomas James says:

The new studio is looking good, thanks for the videos!!

Atticus Draco says:

Mesquite cologne!?
thanx for the honing guide

Jose Ortiz says:

Wow , that was awesome. You are a true master. Thank you for the lessons.

Quagmire88 says:

Do you file the edge to a zero grind like a chisel edge? Will this work for normal hand scrapers that aren't use in a holder/body like that?

DynamitePants says:

And for those who’d prefer a more personalised touch, send all your blades to Paul Sellers including a return addressed envelope gaffa taped to a crate of finest real ale & a packet of ready salted crisps.

Steven Suing says:

I've had one of these tools for a couple years. I couldn't figure out how to sharpen it so it's been collecting dust. I can not wait to try this method. Thank you so much.!

Thomas Russell says:

Thanks again for the tip/jig. Does this work for hand-held scraper plates as well?

Chris Fay says:

Brilliant. Thanks Paul. Exactly what I’m struggling with at the moment!

theduck says:

Thank you for another great way of sharpening one of are tools of the trade 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Gib Clark says:


Aleхandr's woodshop says:

Very usefull, thanks

Brian Christman says:

Can I use the same method on a card scraper I will be using by hand (without the cabinet scraper body)?

JB LIFE says:

Very nice video. Everyone watch it all!!

Mark Armstrong says:

You make everything look so simple you are the MASTER thanks for this it will make sharpening so much easier.

Joe Dov says:

Super tips as always Paul.Thank you

Robbie Coleman says:

Hi Paul. Can a similar device be made for sharpening scissors? I know you have done a video on sharpening scissors, but I can't seem to get the angle right. Got eye sight problems, so don't know what angle my hands are. Nice set up in your new studio. Cheers, Robbie

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