Modifying and improving cheap woodworking clamps purchased at harbor freight. These simple inexpensive improvements make the tool stronger and easier to use. The ideas in this video were inspired by other woodworkers. The biggest influence [More]
This video is about homemade bar clamps. Simple DIY project. Want to save money on woodworking tools? You can make them too, free plans available here: Homemade Bar Clamps. DIY Project GRINwood website: // GRINwood [More]
For those who spend time in the garage it is always necessary clamps of all sizes and shapes, this time I was really needing some help to build some doors to the place where I [More]
Cam clamps or luthier clamps are used for holding small pieces where you don’t need much pressure such as small boxes, music instruments, very soft woods etc. I had lying around in my shop some [More]
i needed some bar clamps for a future project and they are too pricey for me so i made my own please support my channel by subscribing // and you can check out my car [More]
DIY video how to make wooden bar clamps! EASY! and i will also show how to use them and make a serving tray from pinewood! Pinterest ► // instagram ► // facebook ► // thanks [More]
Choose the best clamp for your next woodworking project. The clamp you need depends on the task you are trying to accomplish. We show you great clamps you can use for several common tasks, including [More]
Plans here: // Build article: //
F Clamps, Bar Clamps
Build article with diagrams: // I haven’t used my moxon vise in so long due to it just not being convenient to use. When it was on top of my work table it was in [More]
These amazing hand made wooden clamps will blow your mind. SUBSCRIBE: // WATCH MORE WRANGLERSTAR: “Recent Uploads” – // “How To” – // “Back To Basics” – // “Family Vlogs” – // “Wildland Firefighting” – [More]
Whether you are woodworking or metal working Bessey Rapid Action Clamps are the best way to quickly and securely clamp your work. These German made clamps are brilliantly designed. I have used them for years [More]
Review of BESSEY H-Style clamping fixtures for 3/4″ and 1/2″ black pipe. For more information, click here: //
This was an exercise to develop and learn some lathe and TIG welding skills and at the same time produce something useful that I needed for upcoming projects (table top builds). This shows one of [More]
I need Bar clamps for my next table project. I decided to make them myself.
Support me here, thank you: // Link to English style bar clamps (not sponsored/nor affiliate): // ***TOOLS*** I have or have used these tools, check them out. ELECTRIC TOOLS: DeWalt Table saw: // Evolution Rage [More]
This is my my latest long wooden bar clamp design, and I made this one as a prototype to check that everything works as planned. You can help support the work I do in making [More]
Plans: // Project build article: // Ways you can help support this channel: Patreon: // Project plans for sale: // More videos on my second woodworking channel: // My home reno channel: // My “Scrap [More]
Panel Clamp 4 times faster than Bar Clamps
One think I’m lacking in my garage are C clamps, bar clamps, etc.. so I’m building some. You can never have enough clamps in a woodworking shop. join me on Facebook: // And don’t forget [More]
Find out why our tough, versatile Sure Foot bar clamps find a home in woodshops everywhere. Learn more: //
Support me via Patreon: // Or Amazon: // Amazon links to some of the stuff I use (only things I personally like): Palm router: // Fancy clamps: // Drill driver combo: // Router (for Pantorouter, [More]
Build article with free SketchUp model: // Testing how strong this clamp is: // I made another edit of this video, called the “heavy metal” version: // I’m welding using flux core wire that requires [More]
These are very easy clamps to make. Apart from the bar which is 25mm(1”) steel square tube the rest is made up from wood scraps, so they are also cheap to make. I pay $20 [More]
In this video I show how I extended some ratchet clamps without spending much money!
Shopmade parallelclamp, on the basis of the Bar/pipeclamp showcased another movie utilizing this channel. Pdf plans are had: // or bellevuesnekkeristore(at)
FACEBOOK: // Details on a lot of the create process. A totally free SketchUp plan is available with this project right here: //
How to make a one handed bar clamp. To make this quick action clamp, in this woodworking video I use a silicone gun, some plywood, two pieces of aluminium and epoxy. This is a very [More]
I will show step by step how to make or build wooden woodworking sash or bar clamps. Really useful and save a lot of money, very good woodworking clamps. You can never have enough woodworking [More]
Quick and easy do it yourself club clamps
I did this more than a week ago and have since made a finished version of this prototype. Here’s a video on testing the improved version: // Details on my older long bar clamp, including [More]
Some details and demonstration of my do-it-yourself club clamps as seen at //
Check out // to take into account a video clip clip clip clip clip in what we built a paint example to help keep all my paint. // For a written guide take a good [More]