This is the start of my shop build. I have been wanting to build my last workshop, the one I will use until I can’t anymore. We found 10 acres wit ha 40X60 barn and [More]
I had the opportunity to spend a day with woodworking master craftsman, Alf Sharp, and to hear his story and journey to becoming a woodworker making fine furniture. In this three part series we’ll talk [More]
The Down to Earth Woodworker gives us a tour of his workshop, and discusses the compromises of a temporary shop location. // See Part 2 at: // //
How to make a DIY mitre sled the easy way! In the video i make a mitre sled the easiest way possible. Great project for a beginning woodworker. with this jig you can have perfect [More]
Number three in my shop tour series – we visit the shop of Jeff Heath in Crystal Lake, IL. Jeff is a very accomplished woodworker and maker of wooden hand planes. He has a very [More]
Witajcie. Czasu ciągle za mało, ale temat schodów w stolarni zakończony 🙂 W tym odcinku zostały przygotowane już wszystkie pozostałe elementy schodów i upragniony montaż ! Zapraszam na film. Hello. Time is still not enough, [More]
Well it’s time.. it’s time for a woman’s perspective on the shop! This is our shop tour 2018! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back [More]
In this video I show you my workspace and the tools I use. If some of you want to create your own DIY garage wood shop you will find this video helpful. Blog article: // [More]
This Easy 2×4 Workbench is great for a small woodworking shop and can be built in a weekend from 2x4s and plywood. GET THE PLANS: //×4-workbench-woodworking-plans ————————————————– Visit my website and join my newsletter – [More]
Hello! My name is Adam Noe. Thanks for watching! French Cleat Tool Wall How To Build! Done in iPhone 4K. Click the bell on my channel to get updates about future videos! Thanks to Johnny [More]
Here is a tour and layout of my 2 car garage woodshop. I go over my woodworking equipment, what i like, don’t like and what I want to upgrade to in the future. I have [More]
It’s 2018 and I’ve had a few things change around the shop so I figured I would shoot a shop tour to show you my setup. I work out of a 2 car garage that [More]
Build article: // Check out Shawn’s install video: // Shawn’s website: // Want to help support what I do? Here’s what you can do: Buy a Plan: // Patreon: // Amazon Affiliate: // Mailing Address: [More]
This is the 2018 Woodworking Shop Tour from Matt Sarre and his MS Custom Woodwork Business headquarters. Matt is a Bespoke furniture Designer and Creator based in Adelaide, South Australia and this is his Shop [More]
Vote for my Business please! // This video shows the process of preparing the slab for finish. Finish I used in the video: // Get your Log Measuring Stick Here: // Get your Anchorseal here! [More]
I show you all the secrets to good dust extraction in your wood shop. Click the show more button! Links to some of the things in my shop. // Join the fun with me backstage [More]
This is the first video in a series bringing you along as I setup/build my wood working shop. If you like my videos you can support me at: // .. or buy a T-Shirt here: [More]
Welcome back!….or welcome if you are new here!! We are currently renovating our shop and this week we finally built a leveled floor. We built this based on what is best for us and best [More]
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Curious why you shouldn’t fill your workshop with tools? Find out the answer and learn one of my ‘top shop setup tips’ in this episode of DP Shop Talk. Also get a look at some [More]
Welcome to my 2017 woodshop tour! Check my Instagram for updates @weberwoodshop Here is a list of links that I will add to as people request them… Indra Track System and Stop (used as fence [More]
Take this opportunity to tour the Millcraft woodshop–in hyperspeed. Go inside an Amish furniture shop, and discover how your custom furniture comes to be. Millcraft is a premier builder of custom bedroom sets for DutchCrafters. [More]
Messing around in the shop, I decided to make a screw collector to prevent things like screws, nails, washer, etc from ending up in my dust collector or shop vac. Very cheap and very easy [More]
Welcome back! This week are starting the renovation of our shop! We are knocking down a couple of walls….that was really fun actually….and also adding a new exterior door. We are changing up the floor [More]
20’x20′ Woodworking shop soon to be the home of a retired guy’s woodshop. //
Here’s the plan – Build a complete low cost woodworking shop in 1 year, budgeting only $150 out of every 2 week paycheck. This video will tell you exactly what items to get with each [More]
Today is finally the day! We are moving into our dream shop. We got everything in, but still need more storage to put all the knick knacks in. Video coming soon 🙂 Also dust collection [More]
The video is exactly what it sounds like! I give a rather in-depth shop tour, post-renovation. Some highlights: -Bandsaw, 14″ Porter Cable: // -Saw Till -Plane Till: I have Stanley planes 4c, 5c, 6c, 7c, [More]
Welcome back to the Woodbrew workshop build series! Last week we finished the office side and this week we are starting on the shop side! We need y’alls help! There are so many options and [More]
My friends and I restored a collapsing building on my farm and turned it into my dream woodworking shop. Watch as we do demolition, install new windows and doors, reframe collapsing areas, pull wire, insulate, [More]
This week I’m doing my 5th annual shop tour. This video gives me a chance to show everyone how I organize my workshop and how I use it on a weekly basis. Regular projects will [More]
Mike Korsak choose to put most of his machines in one corner of his shop to keep his dust collection needs centralized. For more information: //