WOODWORKING TIPS – Simple Woodworking Projects 2014 If you’re intrested, visit the offcial site: //book.workbenchplans2.com/ Ted’s Woodworking guide offers anyone of any skill level the ability to build amazing projects. The guide is extra helpful [More]
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I decided to do a simple project for the beginners out there, it’s a magazine rack. This one will be used as a menu stand, but works for just about anything that’s a similar shape. [More]
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circular saw tricks tips & hacks, more giveaways!!
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The best inexpensive tools to buy for your woodworking needs. Tapered drill bits, ACR Philips bits, laminate cutting blade, center punch, tape measure. Donations accepted at Patreon: //www.patreon.com/Heavyboxes
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Links below. Thanks for watching! _____ TOOLS USED Router Table Fence – //amzn.to/2orfa3M Router Bits – //amzn.to/2sKkLrg Push Blocks – //amzn.to/2CB15Wx _____ FOLLOW Website – //www.3x3custom.com/tutorials Subscribe – //www.youtube.com/watch?v=19JLU… Instagram – //www.instagram.com/3x3custom/ Facebook – //www.facebook.com/3by3custom [More]
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