Commercial Woodworking MVP – The Most Valuable Piece Of Equipment In Your Shop

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Commercial Woodworking Equipment – It pays to have this one.

What one tool or machine will you rely on more than any other?  can tell you there’s one machine I used every day in woodworking – whether we were doing production runs of craft items, or one-of-a-kind custom cabinets or furniture pieces. It’s the one tool we counted on more than anything else – by a long shot.What is it? Cheaper saws are available – I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere. They might even come a “contractor’s saw” label. But this kind of saw should NOT be your main shop table saw.

A sliding table saw is optional – depending on your available budget. If you can afford it and plan on doing work with sheet material, a sliding table option does make life a little easier. But all you really need is a stable base and a quality cast iron table top of a decent size. Chances are, it will be a be workhorse – and your most valuable piece of equipment too.

You can get by temporarily with a lesser saw, if that’s what you already own. But I recommend upgrading to a shop-quality saw at the earliest opportunity. Look for a brand that offers a smooth and true tabletop surface and fence. That way, you can set it and forget it. Small mitre gauges are mostly worthless. I recommend building your own sliding table crosscut box. If you cut a lot of miter joints for things like picture frames, as an example, make your own sliding miter box. It’s well worth the time you invest in building jigs like these – once you have a good table saw you can count on and grow with.


Jim Lapinskas says:

The most used and most reliable,I have 2 ,old cast iron Craftsman and my Jet sliding table if you can have 2 the Sears I use for rip and miter that way I don't have to true up my cabinet saw build yourself a good crosscut sled cut on my friend cut on

Gaia's Pupil says:

I got a porter. It's okay but not great

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