David Barron vs Katz-Moses Dovetail Guides | Tool Duel #9

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Dovetail guides are becoming increasingly popular in woodworking nowadays. But which one is best and what should you consider before buying one? In this video I compare two popular dovetail guides against one another to find out which is best.

Katz-Moses Guide

David Barron Guide

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My name is Matt Estlea, I’m a 22 year old Woodworker from Basingstoke in England and my aim is to make your woodworking less s***.
I come from 5 years tuition at Rycotewood Furniture Centre and 4 years experience working at Axminster Tools and Machinery where I still currently work on weekends. During the week, I film woodworking projects, tutorials, reviews and a viewer favourite ‘Tool Duel’ where I compare two cometitive manufacturers tools against one another to find out which is best.
I like to have a laugh and my videos are quite fast paced BUT you will learn a lot, I assure you.

Lets go make a mess.

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Blackrain4xmas says:

EXCELLENT review and demo-thanks

Harry Davis says:

Thanks. Your video helped me to decide. Very detailed. Well done.

hamygray go says:

Brilliant demo.. you make me need one not just want one..
Many thanks for your time making the film

Steve Hooper says:

I don't like the way Katz-Moses tried to patent something that has been around for decades.

Jack Brennan says:

The only dovetail guide I use is the paul sellers homemade one.

Geoff Semon says:

Hi Matt, Thanks for another great video. Hoping you had a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year

anthony aryi says:

The veritas dovetail guide is much better than both of these.

Kyle Shoemaker says:

How does this compare to the full porter cable jig?

Roger Bean says:

Stick with David Baron.I have both and DB guides are precision machined and superior.
Katz Moses albeit with 90degree useful benefit is very poorly cast in the plastic.
Magnets in KM guides securely retained but faces on which saw runs are not at all flat.
You can see daylight when resting saw so you really just have a succession of high points and as such minimum contact.
Design feature or just poorly made.
Also got stung £19.75 import fees of which £11.75 vat and £8.00 international fees.
Don’t rule out veritas guides very good and machined very accurately.

Bob Amy says:

To Photography clear objects …. while photographing laser a black object above the area you are shooting like a large piece of foam core …. it is the reflection of the light that is the issue. Casting a shadow will allow you to see through it

Brian M. says:

I own the David Barron guide and it’s nice but he saw does have a habit of losing its track, there’s also a learning curve because you have to flip the David Barron guide to cut either pins or tails. I’ll probably switch out over to the Katz-Moses one soon.

Bill Hartsfield says:

I hate you, just ordered both the 8:1 and 6:1 from Katz Moses. No more excuses, I’m going to cut some dovetails and put the Domino on the side for once.

Klaus Skrudland says:

Really helpful! Thanks a lot!

brad pool says:

I own the Katz Moses guide and I love it. It is extremely easy to use for any skill level.

Kiki Lang says:

Thanks, very helpful.

Shogun-Jimi says:

who else hears Tool Jewel?  is it just me

Kevin Clarke says:

I think David Barron makes 90 degree guides too, great video cannot wait for blind mitred dovetail guide

deezynar says:

Duel starts with a D, not a J.

Haringey says:

They both seem like nice guys. I love David Barron’s videos (sad he doesn’t publish nowadays).
I have the wooden K-M’s one and works brilliantly.
I have just purchased the new clear model though your link.
By the way, Matt, once you start with project videos (no hurry, I love your tutorials and tool duels) making David Barron’s tool chest would be nice.

tomblanco2001 says:

At 3:10 "It's very easy for beginners to cut the wrong side of the line." I've been doing wood working for 25+ years. I must still be a beginner. No offense. I'll always be a beginner at heart. Cheers.

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