DIY mitre sled for table saw. no woodworking shop is complete with out one

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How to make a DIY mitre sled the easy way! In the video i make a mitre sled the easiest way possible. Great project for a beginning woodworker. with this jig you can have perfect mitre’s on your picture frames every time. A great time saver!

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John john Oj says:

Another good 1 junkie

Brian J. Hall says:

Works great for picture frames, add a stop for repeatability and you are good to go!!

Wolfman Jack says:

Coors light? Oh, man you drink Cat piss….🐱😂😂😂

Ferdi Goldschagg says:

Had to stop watching due to the irritating music….

xiansheng xu says:

I can't believe you made this standard 45 degrees?!

mario cruz parra says:

Porque no pasan videos en español

Jared Andersen says:

Ditch the music.

saidou93130 says:

good work
please the name of the last track (begin at 3.50)

PaoloBrada DIY english español says:

Very useful! Thank's!

imah8ter07 says:

Kill the stupid ass music.  I would love to subscribe but can't listen to that garbage every video.

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