DIY – Modern Adirondack Chairs | Woodworking Project

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I am very happy with the results of My Modern Adirondack chair design. They can be made with limited tools and are crazy fun and functional woodworking project.
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True WingChun says:

I have not watched the whole thing… but I thought that the reason Adirondack chairs are different… is due to their long up-angled leg rests, and long, decently sloped, backs. These are more like folding chairs… without being foldable.

kinnell family scotland xxx says:

That's nice off the big yin cheers izzy

Robin Johnston says:

Very cool, will be making some this winter!

Mark M says:

Nice design, but please, use a face mask when spray painting.

Zdunchyk says:

This template is brilliant idea. Amazing job dude.

Gary Jones says:

You know I'm making some. ❤️👍

Hotrod Hog says:

Awesomeness! I follow you on Insta but have been waiting for the video!

Christine Cahill says:

Hey Izzy good to see you making again. You're still the man! You the man. "I'm not worthy" lol

Live Free and DIY says:

Man, that sled you made is bad @ss! Nicely done sir! 🤓👍

Le PicBois says:

Nice design my friend! Love the sled part too!

Michael Carr says:

How can I get that pattern

James Biggar says:

These are great!

La récup azimutée says:

Very nice design, and it's always a pleasure to see you working! Blue one is my favourite.

Ram Iyer says:

Sheer brilliance.

kinnell family scotland xxx says:

izzy any vids for total beginners ?? had heart attack and do wood to keep me sane

kinnell family scotland xxx says:

izzy if you were about when god done the world i reckon it would have been done by friday lol 5 day week

kinnell family scotland xxx says:

half his skill would make me happy < the stuff you forgot will do lol

Howard Hagadorn says:

Yeah, I was concerned about the strength at first, but convinced as the video went on. Use QUALITY screws if you're gonna build these! Drywall screws are brittle and will shear off, I've twisted the heads off many of them just screwing them into wood.

HEY DAD says:

Really enjoyed the simplicity of the project Izzy. Have you ever tried cutting your own plugs instead of using dowel? I did some patio furniture out of cedar and when I went to cut plugs out of some of the extra cedar, it either cut too small or just shredded the wood. I was kind of bummed by that. Maybe cedar is too soft to cut plugs from.

Team Dub says:

Awesome work Izzy! Great take on a classic.

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