DIY – Modern Wall Storage Cabinets | Woodworking Project | How To Build and Install

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DIY – Modern Wall Storage Cabinets | Woodworking Project | How To Build and Install
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John montague says:

I've seen unstable boards shattering on joiner machinery.
Push sticks & Guards will save loosing fingers and arms.
We all take chances but this is a accident waiting to happen, especially if you work like this Every Day.
All it takes is for a bee or a bird to fly into your workshop and distract you and those machines will rip your limbs off.
They are not DIY they are industrial woodworking machines 10 times more powerful than the tools you have at home.
Beautiful looking display cabinet but is it worth loosing a hand or a arm or a LIFE?
Safety seems to be non existent in these Eastern Countries.

Michael Thetford says:

You can see why American made products cost more. No safety equipment, no spray booths, no dust control, etc., etc., etc.

Craig Monteforte says:

Hardly a DIY video with professional quality machinery designed for production work DIYers dont Have sliding tablesaws , Shapers, And Bandsaws capable of restawing. The lumber these guys use ! Most DIYers are lucky to have a semi decent table saw.A Router with limited bits and Collets, a few hand tools, and a hammer they wouldn't know how to operate. Any of the machinery in this video or how to make rough sawn lumber useable. For this type of project if. You guys are going to keep making Wooworking videos. The title should be much more carefully thought out and not as misleading However i. Do have many years in professional Woodworking. As a profession and a hobby. And i did enjoy seeing the operation of machinery brands that i am not personally familiar With or exprtienced in using that exact machine and i did like the final product and finish of the unit

D Price Say What? says:

First: make sure you are wearing safety boots

Or at least shoes😬

Igor Kolgofer says:

DIY? Mkay… going to search this kind of equipment on my backyard..

Lucas DELAPIERRE says:

Vu comment ils utilisent leurs machines, notamment la toupie, certains ont dû perdre quelques doigts. Et puis si la vitre se brise il faut démonter entièrement la porte. La refaire serait plus rapide.

rahul Dubey says:

India or Myanmar ya phir Vietnam. which country are you from.

rahul Dubey says:

Mast hae bhai log 👍

Azor Chavez says:

que tipo de pegamento utiliza para unir las piezas de las puertas?? al parecer no es pegamento blanco para madera…..

Eugene Andr says:

very poor performance. what you customer should do when the glass brakes down? in your version of front doors its impossible to fix that..

Romashk says:

Misleading title. DIY with industrial equipment in the video is clickbait. The videos are sort of interesting by themselves. Why be jerks?

ابو فهد says:

سبحان آلله وبحمده سبحان آلله وبحمده سبحان آلله وبحمده

Minh Tran says:

No dai 6phan 7 phan ay. May chu lm o vn ha

Wood Turning TV says:

Good jobs. I like Video.

John Fithian-Franks says:

I know we have gone overboard with H&S but these guys make it look as if it has never been thought of?.

Arek Kosinski says:

Please build some work tables, your back and knees will appreciate it.

Jibarito Loquillo says:

Un like para ustedes chinitos locos

Antonio Dearo filho says:

parabens pelo trabalho

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