DIY Outdoor Patio Cooler Ice Chest Made Using Basic Tools // Woodworking – How To

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Download Free Patio Cooler Plans: // I built this DIY outdoor patio cooler using basic power tools like a circular saw and drill. The tools for this build were purchased from True Value Hardware : // This patio cooler ice chest is designed to hold an Orca 20qt cooler but could be sized to fit a bunch of different coolers.

► Materials Used On The Outdoor Patio Cooler Ice Chest (affiliate) :

2” stainless screws : //
6 x 1” Black pipe, t-joint : //
4 x 1” Black pipe, flange : //
4 x 1” Black pipe, 2” section : //
4 x 1” Black pipe, 9” section : //
1 x 1” Black pipe, 4” section : //
Furniture sockets : //
Casters : //

► Support ISOtunes, my personal favorite hearing protection! //






Crafted Workshop says:

Thanks for watching, y'all! Download the FREE plans here: // The tools for this build were purchased from True Value Hardware, the sponsor of this week's project : //

Garrett McGiffert says:

Loved the content but I think you could've made the assembly job more simple with more more cuts ahead of time but to each there own. Also loved the nice additions like the bottle top magnet catcher. Keep up the good work.

Scott Neumyer says:

Cooler support looks like a little baby table. It's adorable.

Chumchum says:

Awesome project! wanna make one!! Just a question – why didn't you just use a pockethole jig instead of toe-nailing the uprights?

R L says:

Thanks for going back to basics on this one man.

Deby Brooke says:

nice addition to your outdoor patio! love the portability too – get some sour beers in there!!

MBT Modern says:

The squat returns! Good build, buddy

Dooshant Dasrut says:

what is the brand of the drill you use in the video

Ted Lesch says:

You seem to have a bottomless wallet….

Drew Johnston says:

what is the actual cooler called

Jacob Byers says:

Is it just cause I'm in California that the only pressure treated 2x4s that I'm aware of are the dark brown ones with the waffling? Yours look just like they are stained. Way nicer

TheDirtFighter says:

You've come a long way bro!! I remember when I first started following you it was "Crafted Magazine" and you were not sure what direction to go. I think you only had about 1K subs. Congrats on your success!!!

Reid’s Beads says:

Do you have a sub reddit? If you don’t you should

Adrian Orozco says:

Great aesthetic! Love the look of the grey trex with the black pipe.

Bear Creek Woodworking says:

This looks like an easy summer project. That is really "Cool"! Thanks for sharing.

Dan B says:

Very cool build!

OneVeryOrdinaryMan says:

First Glance – Did he build a casket??? 😎

Seth Galitzer says:

Love my local True Value store! Great summer project. Thanks for sharing!

Scott Pauley says:

Man you build some pretty impressive stuff! I need to get my wood working skills up haha

Mikhail Akbashev says:

Super neat you're in my part of town!

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