Domino System Makes Joinery Fast and Easy

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It may be expensive, but Festool’s Domino joinery system is able to crank out hybrid mortise-and-tenon joinery faster than you can mount your dado stack.


Buckwheat says:

perfect for making entry doors and large m/t projects. Too expensive? Get a better job.

Ken says:

it's pretty impressive that he's a woodworker his shaky hands. Everything is probably nice and slow

Tom B. says:

damn retard… go suck that festool off! loooooooooool, shitty tool and even shittier reviewer-promoter!

sz42781 says:

Out late drinking

David Sanders says:

awfully shaky to be running that router with no push block.

ishortland says:

Joinery that's solid, incredibly quick, very accurate and really easy. It is very versatile and for me way better than a bench mounted morticing machine and a biscuit joiner as it has far more uses than both of those put together. Is it expensive? For what it does it really isn't. If you do a lot of joinery this thing pays for itself in very short order.

lgkownacki says:

Please! I can cut mortise and tenons by hand, without noise and dust collection and enjoy every minute of it

Dumitru Ursu says:

That's so expensive for such a specialized tool – there's a guy selling the aluminium pantorouter that Matthias Wandel created – //
Considering that most of us have a router already, that's ~$1000 – between those two. But you don't have to buy tenants, and you can even cut dovetails. Much more flexible.

Kirk McCoy says:

One of the best forms of joinery there is. No need for complicated joints unless you are after the classy good looks.

matthew bellamy says:

this thing takes out all the fun from wood working.

Bob Wozniak says:

Too expensive for me

w0mbles says:

How do you make your own biscuits with these? (And did those biscuits really come in that sturdy and expensive looking plastic crate? Or did you just put the biscuits in there because it was somewhere to put them?)

Kelly anderson says:

Great content, but I almost got sick with all the camera movements.

Grintal TheCrafter says:

I wonder if the shape of the dominoes will telegraph through the stock, like biscuits will occasionally do if you are joining thinner stock.

aqwood says:

Dominos are not ideal for joining thin pieces to thick pieces, like a table rail to a table leg. Usually a mortise and tenon joint for a table with a 3/4" thick rail would be made about 5/8" thick leaving only a 1/16" cheek on either side. With the domino you can only go to 3/8" domino size for the 3/4" rail so the rail doesn't become too thin around the mortise. The joints end up smaller and weaker. That's why dominos are not suitable for things that actually have to be solid, like chairs and tables.

Noble909 says:

And no, you can't buy the same thing at Home Depot for $40. It's not a biscuit joinner!

Logan P says:

I'm just going to stick with pocket holes

Woodworking Fangirl says:

That's a well done Domino ad, well done! Thumbs up!

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