End Grain Butt Joint Tips – reinforncing, and using up off-cuts

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In by recent video “Butt Joints” I demonstrated how the glue joint is weak where end grain is butt jointed. Now I take a look at reinforcing these situations, plus how to use butted off-cuts to…
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…minimise waste.

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Cheers, Mitch


Arnold Espenberg says:

great idea, I just learned something new , thanks mitch again

Phil Tams says:

Like your ideas on joining end grain, thanks.

Blog das Madeiras says:

Hi there from Portugal,
Nice 😀

Peter Compton says:

Good Info thanks Mitch

Ray Roberts says:

Nice video work…


Great tips and very informative video! Thanks for sharing!

Hardnox says:

Excellent presentation and explanation.

Rico S says:

"Hobbyboards" from the various large DIY stores are made up of many off-cuts. I've found them a real pain when using with hand planes due to the opposing grain directions. Basically, try and align the grain when joining all your off cuts to make for a more pleasurable hand planing experience.

Dan Scott says:

How does expansion and contraction effect these joints? Or is it possible that because the splines are cut so thin that there really isn’t a whole lot (if any) movement at all.

Daniel Solowiej says:

Good tricks well explained Mitch!

MRrwmac says:

Nice follow up video! I like how you explained all the options!

Steve Collins says:

Thanks Mitch.

Kevin Halsey says:

Thanks for the wonderful information on the butt joints and alternatives, Mr. Mitch!

Casual DIY says:

Great video! Thanks for the info:)

Ken Haygarth says:

Thanks Mitch, good info mate

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