ESO online update, woodworking and updates

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DonaldDuckTheViking says:


Sabbir Ahmed says:

Hello there. Have you tried the Tarkhavo planned woodworking course (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some awesome stories about it. My sisters friend created some sturdy cd holders with it. 

Cugel Channel says:

Congratulations on writing your book! That is not easy, I know. If your book is science fiction, one suggestion is that you read some science books about what the future will actually be like (background stuff). Here's one suggestion: Peter D. Ward's: The Flooded Earth: Our Future In A World Without Icecaps. Gives a detailed scientific look at the future looks like after global warming impacts on earth over the next thousand years or so. This is the Earth that any future society will have to deal with.

Joaquin Cordero-Villafuerte says:

Whats up woth the minecrafy server

Volvoswithfriends! says:


CryOfVision says:

You was more popular during the days of skyrim with ur guides, maybe u can get more views by making guides in elder scrolls online.

Jacob Gullick says:

full blown woody

Sembo Sigma says:

Love the name tag… Princess Bride rules!!

Mark Allison says:

This video isn't particularly funny but it is woodsnifferingly fantastic: Best singing priest in Ireland! Fr Ray Kelly Singing Hallelujah!

ManvsMedium says:

Great update Beau… Bad ass table and bench brother! (Wood + Warping = Bad day in Bosnia) Oh and Beau your a god damn Wood Sniffer. Love your favorite British Bro Englishtwist 😉 This is my new channel 

joel pearson says:

Wood sniffer 😛

Ken says:

You're my favorite woodsniffer.

MrSquigglies says:

what if… you did an oblivion playthrough?

Ling says:


Jagveer Sangha says:

Ur going to be the king of lvling up and etc…in eso!

ThePizzaman says:


DatJest says:

Oh yeah, almost forgot, "wood sniffer" 

DatJest says:

Can't wait for ESO Online on your channel ^^

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