flat pack workbench in 1 day

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I make a simple , beginners work bench in one day from 3 sheets of plywood. all you need is a drill, circular saw, jig saw and sander.
Plans for this bench on my website www.kingpost.co.nz


david atfus says:

you are a damn WIZARD, sir. …. a damn WIZARD. your approach to engineering and problem solving is fascinating to watch. i only recently discovered your channel, and i always learn stuff watching your videos. thanks for all your content. also, that amazing cabinet saw with the movable side support makes me jealous every time i see it. 😉

George Morgan says:

That's about the speed I work at but my results are not quite the same. Measure twice cut once, measure twice cut once…

Ian Murphy says:

That's awesome, I'd put drawers in the table top and you could even have a drawer in the legs that pull out and hang small things like your ruler a square, chisels and screwdrivers 😊

Anna Jerdan says:

Great design, got the plans from your website but I'm confused as to the mortise in the bottom of the table top for the legs. You have doubled them to 36mm but the slots that hold the stretcher is still only 400mm which would mean that the 382mm stretcher would only allow the "tenon part" to go into the 36mm mortises to be 18mm. The whole weight of the top would then rest on the stretcher instead of the legs as they would be floating inside the 36mm mortises. Should I increase the slots to 418mm as well? Also, the mortises of the stretcher to go into the legs are different on the drawings to the video. In the drawing the mortise is now shorter with a packing piece in the leg. Is there a reason for that?

Billy Blaze says:

very nice job!

бог бог says:

Друг,ты молодец!смотрю все твои видео,восхищаюсь твоим творчеством!)был бы рад познакомиться вживую,я тоже деревом занимаюсь,но только в России,скажи пожалуйста у вас дорогое дерево?

Bernard Forand says:

super design! I would bet that the same bench made from 12mm ply would be strong enough, maybe lacking the mass that sometimes makes a workbench a workbench, but then again, with the modular design, maybe less mass would be a positive, I know torsion boxes made from 12 mm ply would be strong enough…just play around with a cheap hollow core door and you will see how much strength can come from so little material!

Claude Maximus says:

I like the fact that you are showing it the way it is * Not always perfect but part of the experience of making stuff *
Thank you for sharing. .

Andrew Stewart says:

apx how many sheets of ply did you use?

jaydub says:

Most of its weight might be in screws. (!!)

John Bredemere says:

Bloody Brill : – )

Joel Clark says:

freakin amazing

Skip Brooks says:

I like the idea of a knock drop work bench to take to the job site, would be real handy, good design.

jasmine Rodriguez says:

Love it 😍

Tom Nock says:

Joey, have you considered getting the Makita cordless tracksaw? Might be a bit quicker and easier compared to freehanding with your circular saw.

Dmitriy Shestakov says:

Another great job and great idea. Do you have sketchup drawing or dimensions to share ?

fstgrl says:

Excellent! Thanks!

Mc Geek says:

Great tabel that looks very mobile if it has to be broken down and solid as a rock when together. 👍

E Caff says:

Thank you. I needed a work table/ off feed table that I can break down because i don't have a lot of room.  God Bless you for sharing…

Kev B says:

Split that long stretcher bar and joint it like you did the top! then you really have cracked it! bloody fantastic!

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