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Hello! My name is Adam Noe. Thanks for watching! French Cleat Tool Wall How To Build! Done in iPhone 4K. Click the bell on my channel to get updates about future videos!

Thanks to Johnny for the Inspiration for the project-//

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► Materials:
4 Sheets 3/4 inch PureBond Plywood
1 Sheet 1/2 inch PureBond Plywood
Purchased from Home Depot – I meant to get (4) 1/2 inch but mistakenly got the reverse. To give the wall more texture I put the (1) 1/2 inch piece in the middle. Left over material used for the racks


Senco Finish Pro 21XP 21ga Pinner-

PowRyte 300 PSI Reinforced Air Hose-

Capri Tools 2-Way Air Blow Gun-

EPAuto Industrial Type D 1/4-Inch Coupler and Plug Kit-

CADEX M-25-10M 21 Gauge Slight Headed 1″ Brad Nails-

Flush Mount Drill Bit-

FastCap Screws-

Makita RT0701CX3 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit – //

WoodPeckers Precision Woodworking tools 1281R Woodworking square – //

Dozuki Noko Giri 9-1/2″ DoveTail Razor Saw – //

FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle (16 Ounces) – //

Gyokucho Razorsaw Flush Cutting Double Edge Saw 125mm with //

KREG TOOL KHC3 Kreg Wood Project Clamp with Automaxx, 3″ – //

Lufkin L625SCTMP 1-Inch by 25-Feet Hi-Viz Self Centering Orange Power Return Tape – //


Paul Compton says:

Nice job. Enjoyed the video…. Looks great!

Taylor Paul says:

Any particular reason why you didn't just screw each cleat directly onto the wall instead of mounting them on a sheet of plywood first?

Paul Castro says:

Very nice job indeed. I was looking for video of this sort to recommend it to a friend who is having storage problems, and your explanation es excellent.
Thanks for sharing.

guymauve0 says:

Ouaw great video. Can i ask you what kind of Wood you are using ? Thanks

BronkBuilt says:

Nice job. I hope to be building out my French Cleat wall soon.

Pat Mahon says:

Any video without pocket holes gets a thumbs up from me 🙂 No seriously, I hate pocket holes. Subscribed. Good luck for the future.

Lou Stoneberger says:

Nice. The music is annoying and not needed. But I like content. I’m subscribing. What to see your upgrade new tablesaw👍

Charles Holmes says:

very nice job

Jay Kepley says:

Nice job! Looks good, and will be very useful.

Michael L Mello says:

Very nice, efficient use of space!!

WoodShaped says:

Breath of fresh air to have the shop so organized! Stay tuned for other great projects!

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