Handmade Tools I have made for Woodworking

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This is a selection of handmade / shop built tools that I have made to help me improve my woodworking skills.

Some of these tools have separate build or demonstration videos on my channel.

I did not have access to most tools for woodwork, so the necessity to design and make became the only option. For some this can be for financial reasons or a lack of availability. Not every location around the world has such a vast supply of tools at competitive prices, thus the option to create your own becomes important. They are usually inexpensive and can be made from scrap or recycled material.

I have included my marking gauges, chisel plane, my first wooden hand plane, chisel racks, awl’s, a marking knife, a centre finder and winding sticks.

The most expensive tools i have built are the woodworking machinery. My band saw and belt sander where both made by following the plans from Matthias Wandel.

I have not included some tools, as I simply forgot to 😀 I have also made a Bow Saw that I use daily and many jigs. Also my Workbench, but that has a video of its own. They will probably be seen in future videos.

I have a large list of tools that I plan to make and design. These will become the substance of future videos 🙂

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Scratch Stock //www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpeAU5pXLEQ

Long Based Router Plane //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi6sjt2t6kU

Chisel Plane //www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7IiQ-kPtUg

My Workbench //www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6eu8We5ybY

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Mark McCluney says:

Some wonderfully ingenious ideas in there and thanks for sharing them so freely. I was impressed with the use of Allen keys for the marking gauges – very clever. And the hand planes are just beautiful! Clearly a lot of love has gone into making these. Like many maker vids, this was inspiring. Thank you friend!

umbalaba says:

First I watched your resaw videos and then I watched this. I have now natually subscribed 🙂

Gary Chandler says:

My scribe is almost identical to the first one in the vid, except it uses an African hardwood wedge instead of a screw. The vid gave me an idea to improve it.
By drilling thru the block, you could insert a pencil. This not only provides storage, but extending the pencil down just past the block, you would essentially have another compass, with the scribing pin as a pivot. That could save you a trip across the shop.

mark goode says:

Lovely tools. A pleasure to look at, and I am sure, a pleasure to work with. Best wishes for 2018

Anand Verma says:

Amazingly done , firstly the hand tools and the way scrap is used is awesome, especially the Allen keys for marking gauge and router plane. Bandsaw and sander build quality is amazing, wandel will be so proud. As you rightly said, be it availability or affordability whichever be the reason making your own tools enhances your passion for woodworking. You truly are an inspiration. Hope to see more videos on tool builds and woodworking.

Larché Jacques Clarel says:

for the center finder its great but can we use the same to do like 1/3 instead of finding center

Igor Krstic says:

Nice tools.Thanx for sharing.

Franks DIY says:

Some of those I have made in the past and need to update them because of wear and tear and Some of them I need to make. Thank you for showing us.

LimitedGunnerGM says:

Love the ingenuity, thanks for sharing!

Russ Veinot says:

your tool collection is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

woodkiefer1 says:


Ryan Stehlik says:

Excellent, now I know what to do with all my extra Allen keys!! Thank you, awesome vid

Juan says:

nice tools and machines, congratulations

Mikhandmaker says:

Thanks for share man, GREATS TOOLS!! I love it

Jörgen Börg says:

nice set of homemade tools. now it's time to even make a lot more 😁

Timber Anew says:

A great collection! They all kind of match as well which I think looks great. I had no idea you made a sander and bandsaw also, that's brilliant!

Derek Oliver says:

Nice! Thanks for showing those tools.

Opa's Workshop says:

Nice job Yogi it always helps to have the tools that you need for the job even if you have to make them yourself!

Stephan Pöhnlein says:

Very impressive collection! I wish you and your channel all the best for 2018 🙂

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