Home Based Woodworking Business: Challenges and Solutions

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Home Based Woodworking Business

Despite what you might have heard elsewhere, it is possible to start and run a home-based woodworking business.But there are several important factors to consider first.

While it’s certainly possible, rarely does a home offer an ideal location for both.Manufacturing can get noisy and dusty.And to sell your wares, you typically need a place to display them and generate sales. Selling is the key.Most wood shops fail because they lack consistent sales.Those who are struggling always get a boost and enjoy greater success by simply selling more of their woodwork.

The problem is that each major operation of your business has completely different requirements. For a fully functional wood shop, the best location would be one that is as remote as possible. If you live out in the country, you can probably work as much as you want in your shop without ever hearing a peep from neighbors.

Choose the type of business you start (and how you operate it) based on your location.

Heck, we love working with wood – it’s what we do. So the “making” part of the business is crucial. So if your location is less than ideal for a full shop, consider a business that specializes.One example would be a wood sign business.

I used to work with the guy who did this on the side and he was quite successful. His shop was nothing more than a spare room in the basement. His main piece of equipment; an expensive stationary scroll saw.

And neighbors will think you’re simply renovating your own home. Get enough of these projects – and the invaluable experience they provide – under your belt and you’ll be in a strong position to take your home-based woodworking business to the next level.


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