How I Started Woodworking

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My Story of how I started building furniture for money. Building a bed lead to building a business and making money online. Let me know what you think in the comments down below…and don’t forget to subscribe.


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Rowdy Penguin says:

Stephen, one of the best channel trailers I have seen. Great stuff and great story! Bring it!! <(")

Andrew Quillin says:

Great video to tell your story. Really enjoy your IG and will even more after this artfully done video piece.

Russell Daugherty says:

Thanks for sharing! I have an incredibly similar story… I am currently unmarried and 25 years old with a business license and my dad's shop to work out of. I was a youth pastor a couple years ago and I plan to be a full-time minister while making money as a craftsman. I would love to get into contact with you! I'm also new to youtube, so I don't know how to give my contact info to you without the whole world seeing it… 🙂

Ben Embleton says:

Inspired….trying to leave my bum job to chase my passion in word work is hard but i love it. In in the chapter of your story where im making pieces that aren't great materials and I have a drill and some hand tools. That's all…..but in having the best time making these things that make people happy and I just wish and hope that my story continues like yours did.

Thank you for sharing and giving hope.

David Desjardins says:

Nice story and excellent video. I'm getting into woodworking in my spare time right now. Looking forward to making something besides compost bins, but my extended family have started asking me to make them some.

Melrose Design says:

Awesome story man! love all the different shots, keep it up!

Woods TheWay says:

Very awesome and professional. Thanks for sharing that with us. I'm in the process of trying to do the same thing. I'm definitely inspired. Subbed. Thank you

Benjamin Glaser says:

Great story, but if your going to call yourself the Wood Paster, maybe you should also talk of the greatest Woodworker, Jesus.

Mike Hurrell says:

God Bless and carry on, love is a gift that will always stay bright !

Abraham Lucero says:

thanks for the inspiration… sometimes we need a bit of it…. keep up the good attitude…

Mark Christopher says:

Stephen, one of the best trailers I have seen. Love the back story!!
Cheers from Nova Scotia 🙂

Nasim Issa says:

Thats very good may you go ahead in leaps and bounds!!

BronkBuilt says:

What a great story and great video as well. Best of luck!

Guderian says:

Very nice video thank you . Ali from iraq

yuvan winanda says:

Great video. I'm also on my way to become a "wood pastor" without a wood-bible.

TenSpeedTears LLC says:

Thanks man. Good inspiration man!

Jonny Builds says:

This video is really fantastic! Thanks for sharing your story, and keep on making awesome furniture.

Pneumatic Addict says:

Gorgeous video man! It makes me want to get out in my garage/shop and get building 💪

DIY Montreal says:

This is a truly amazing video. I admire you for putting your story out there and just being real. Just finished listening to you on the Make or Break podcast which lead me to here. Can't wait for more.

Lee Mackey says:

Love the backstory…Keep crushing it

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