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Mortise and tenon is one of the most common wood joints used in building furniture. Rob North teaches you how to make a mortise and tenon joint yourself. Join Craftsman Club to get the latest projects and exclusive deals: //

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This Craftsman video is about how to make a mortise and tenon joint.


Strumptavian Roboclick says:

that's the hackiest way I've ever seen that done.. and who makes a 1/4 tenon anyway…

SuperMeToTheRescue says:

On the joking side, it’s no surprise that a black man would know so much about “joints”. Lol

Seriously though, great video!

Sherryl Keith says:

On the Stodoys website you can count on professional help with problems and technical support.

Rob Henderson says:

Nice. I'm new to mortise n tenons, so a bit nervous. This helps allay some fear. Thank you for the tips.

michaelwayman says:

Why are you hiding the chisel handles? Oh duh! its not a Craftsman chisel, hahaha

Gingras Lacy says:

You can do it much faster with stodoys plans.

Mucydonia says:

Some say cut the mortise first,Others say tenon??I'm confused.I find that cutting the tenon first could be more fail safe ?Am i right???

MySchizo Buddy says:

Primitive method. Can't imagine doing 100s of them in a day. You need a better automated way of doing them.

Luis Miguel Sanchez Lopez says:

The best videos , Rob North the best.

Jamie Orr says:

I cringed several times watching this. I can't believe Sears would sanction this method. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Either use a home-made tenoning jig or the "quick" tenon method. But always make the mortise first and then "sneak up" on the thickness of your tenon or you end up with a lot of loose tenons.

Panchi Quesada says:

Thank you! It's the best mortise & tenon tutorial. Too easy!

Christopher andrew says:

does anyone have a clue why sears is going down?

Wills Kitchen says:

Paul Sellers method is just as fast.

Jeff Reynolds says:

Is there a faster method or group of power tools that can do this with less board turns and chiseling,
specifically for volume production of same parts.
maybe set up a table router for the tenon cuts ? drill out the first hole for the mortise and then set the board on the router to finish the mortise ? Jus asking, its been ling time since I did any wood shop projects.

CJ Keller says:

Brant, I'm referring to the crazy pinch point this guy is creating using the fence with the mitre gauge together.

CJ Keller says:

NOT a safe way to cut a tenon.

Carl Zorro says:

eh, buy the mortise machine 🙂

Ionel Minut says:

or use router….

hrxy1 says:

stop shouting

Sam Wallace says:

What type of combination were you using?

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