How To Make a Raised Shop/Studio Floor : Woodworking Workshop Build EP: 2 Run Wiring Under Floor

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Welcome back!….or welcome if you are new here!! We are currently renovating our shop and this week we finally built a leveled floor. We built this based on what is best for us and best for this shop. This took us around 2 and half days total with paint and all! Hope you guys enjoy!!

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The Name Is Irrelevant says:

I know, right?

Willem Groothedde says:

Thats A bad paint job

Maxima says:

Nice vid, nice shop, nice narrations. The shop will be fire.

Brian Fisher says:

Wonder what the inspector said about wiring under the floor?

Wood.Work.LIFE. says:

Whelp that makes sense as to why the light is so good. I have debated building a raised floor in my shop for the same reason. I think I am just going to get monster truck tires for all the casters in my shop.

Tony475130 says:

I have a brick floor in my shop and thought about doing this instead of putting concrete. Luckly you guys put up a vid to give me instpiration, thanks!

TOM says:

Great video, new sub here, sent by drivin & vibe. I don't do instagram, i do facebook…..

Nick Wyatt says:

What you built should hold up fine. Engineer here that builds bridges. None of those joists will twist with all the intermediate bracing and the tounge and groove. The structure is fairly rigid. The torx screws have more strength to them than people think.
Things I would watch for:
floor bounce, as rigid everything is if you set a few legs high this could lift lower ones causing a bounce. Not a big deal though.
Electrical, not sure how drainage is around the building but wouldn't be a terrible idea to protect the circuit with a GFCI or AFCI. Water could get under the floor fairly easy.

Why didn't you just pour a 4-6" concrete pad to level things out?

Christ Julius says:

if you want to know how to make it yourself , just go to stodoys website. There you'll find your answers ๐Ÿ™‚

Binyomin Lang says:

Invest in a nail gun it would be a dream for you it would be such a help

Rios Moodie says:

I am pretty sure you may find good solution on stodoys website ๐Ÿ™‚

Dave Williams says:

Molly Dillon, dont be put off by what people are saying about the floor, its brilliant and very professionally done. Remember what Arnie Swartz said, โ€œignore the neigh sayersโ€

Noconz0727 MC says:

First video I've seen. How old are y'all?!

Paco Ramirez says:

Lmao what are thoooooose

Johnson Rocson says:

wOAA what happened to your wiring video?? I hadnt finished it ๐Ÿ™

Jeff inToronto says:

Ok – I get all the comments on the floor not properly built, so I won't add to that part, but can you tell me the cost of this job? I would have priced out some self levelling concrete for comparison and just poured a level floor since you had masonry. It's not cheap stuff so I don't know if it would have been more or less but I'm throwing out there for the next person who thinks about doing it your way. It would also give you a more solid base for heavy equipment, but it's also harder on your body when standing for long periods.

JimmyMcCorndog says:

is that fairhope pirates as in fairhope, AL?

Mike McDonald says:

WOW ok no more rolling paint for me gotta get me one of those sprayers that looked way easier and faster than me rolling paint like I have in the past. Also if I were to put in a raised floor I would run conduit under it at key locations for dust collection as well as have some outlets in the floor at key locations for tools to plug into. Otherwise looks great.

Mike McDonald says:

looks good y'all. Lots of keyboard warriors commenting on this one LOL pay no attention to the trolls. If it works and you like it then WHO CARES lol ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the good work. Love alls videos.

Jacob w says:

The WORST thing you can do is put boards screwed into the sides of the other boards. The tiny screws have to bear the weight of everything. You are better off notching wood and putting it UNDER the boards for support. This is such a MAJOR ISSUE, that you really NEED to pull up the the plywood and fix the support boards!

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