How to Use a Circular Saw. Everything you need to know in about 10 min

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Sure, a circular saw is a useful tool for breaking down plywood, but it can also be used to build impressive woodworking projects if you don’t have a fancy shop or a lot of money. Here’s everything you need to know about circular saws to get started.

Circular Saws I recommend ► My Ridgid 15 amp saw is a great deal at only $99. It has a sturdy magnesium base and cuts accurately. Setting the bevel is simple. If that seems a bit expensive, my Ryobi 14 amp saw comes in at half the price. It cuts well, but feels flimsier. If I need to make a lot of accurate cuts, the Ridgid will do a better job, but for occasional DIY stuff around the house, or if you just need a saw from roughly breaking down sheets of plywood, the Ryobi is a good choice.



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Marce Das says:

maybe a silly question, but does it not also cut the foam under the wood or am i missing something ?

yonggor says:

i thought the opening will end with microjiggg 🙁

Ali URL says:

thanks for shared your experiences with us sir…

Jacob Futama says:

this really came in handy

Petar Paskov says:

Recently purchased a cordless saw. Using it primarily to cut large pieces before they enter the shop, but I find it specially useful for cutting the boards in half in the lumber yard, so I can load them into the car. Oh, and I also use the Styrofoam like in this video, it is by far the best support

presbarkeep says:

Watched a bunch of your earlier videos then saw this one and had to look at the date published. I can't believe it was just last month! I swear you look a lot younger than your older videos… how?!

heladio sanchez says:

Hi Steve, can I ask you about what tools I should need to do a project ? I live in a mobile home , floor flattens when I step on in in some areas of the floor. Due to moisture, rotten wood , don’t know until I remove it. Thank you for your help👍🏽

Razvan Dolha says:

Go Steve, go Steve. GO STEVE!

Charlie Garcia says:

Great video. thanks!

Kartik Sundar says:

Amazing videos. Eagerly waiting for video on home made jigs for circular saw

Sergio López says:

Congratulations! You have a really amazing channel. I feel like i´ve learned so much with just a few of your videos.

Romeo Tango says:

After building a fair length of fence at my grandparents with tools borrowed from my dad and grandfather, I'm envious of that rigid. The circular saw I had to use had a warped base plate, old blade, and innacurate, difficult adjustments. Safe to say none of the cuts were pretty nor easy, although I should have listened to my intuition regarding the speed square which for some reason I only used to mark cuts and the like. I definitely will be picking up a nice circular saw when i get the chance!

mohsin khan says:

Steve thanks for all your videos . I learn alot from your videos. And i start wood working watching your videos . Thanks and keep it up .

Trine Sandnæs says:

Very useful. Thank you very much!

Raza says:

Never go full barnacules steve. never

Doug Palumbo says:

Love WWMM videos! When can we expect the next one?

Raven Arroyo says:

Hey Steve great videos ! I love watching them. Are you done making video? Or just on vacation?

Wolfman Jack says:

My wife needs a Casper mattress, she said she wakes up with a sore back every morning….now she wants to divorce me😉🤣😂 Bad Dad joke🤣🤣🤣🤣

gibran raja says:

Missed you very much Steve. I have learnt a ton from your videos but mostly why not to be afraid to start woodworking past 50 years of age. God bless you.

Tezcax says:

I have a circular saw I've been using a lot lately. My tip is to invest in at least two good (bar) clamps and a sturdy workbench. I live in Brazil and work mostly with tropical hardwoods. That stuff is hard, if you're american think about Brazilian Cherry, their density runs around 1.0, while even the densest temperate hardwoods like oak are around 0.7. As such you need to apply a lot of force with your hand to make the cut and you probably need to hold the circular saw with both hands while a strong clamp holds it against the workbench. Even cutting it on saw horses is hard as the saw horses end up moving as you push against the wood.
Last month I processed a lot of old fence wood, these tropical hardwoods have a resin inside of them that make them last forever, so I just had to cut the weathered ends and plane to remove the sun darkened exterior. But it was hard with the flimsy workbench and weak clamps I had, the table would move when I pushed the saw against the wood to cut it and the clamps would give up sometimes.

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